Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Deadlift and Mornings

Yesterday was an off day from training but a full day of filming.

We have a new course, The Perfect Morning Routine, coming out in January.

Today's Training:

1A) Deadlift
1B) Box Jump

2A) Snatch Grip Deadlift
2B) Shrug

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:

It's easy to see what is right for others, but when it comes to seeing what is right for us, we go blind.

The solution is getting outside eyes from a coach, and through the self-reflection questions, I give to my clients. 💥

One of the most important exercises I teach at my workshops is to "Watch the Movie of Your Life" each night.

This little 5-minute reflection technique allows you to review your day objectively. 🤔

Just close your eyes and judge the decisions you made all day.

· What did you do right?
· What did you do wrong?
· Where did you waste time?
· Where did you struggle with bad habits and temptations?
· How can you overcome them tomorrow?
· Who did you spend time with?
· Are these the right people for your right life?
· What was your biggest victory of the day?
· What's the biggest victory you need to have tomorrow?
· How can you make sure that happens?


Want morning motivation - Check the link in my IG bio here: https://www.instagram.com/realcraigballantyne/


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