Monday, November 07, 2016

Sunday Morning MeatHead Bench and Row Session

Another Sunday fun day Meathead Morning bench press workout here in Denver.

Before I went in I was texting back and forth with my good buddy and CTT, J-Roc, who had just hit a great bench press workout of his own back in Toronto. He fired me up with his numbers and so off I went to do this...

Old Man Warm-Up including...

- shoulder mobility work, hip stretches, band pull, WYLIT, pushups

1a) Bench Press

1b) DB Rear Delt Raise

2a) Bodyweight Row

2b) DB Incline Press

3a) Chest-Supported Row

3b) Cable Abs

Great session, and then it was off to Whole Foods where I was recognized by a local personal trainer. After a good chat, I filled my cart with Epic bars, pineapple, spinach, apples, some Zevia (to replace my Coke Zero habit), boxed water, Tom's toothpaste, and some candles. Yes, candles. I like candles in the morning when I write!

Monday's workout was no workout at all, just a walk through the Denver Highlands neighborhood. I actually try to avoid training on Monday's because the gym is busy and I already have enough adrenaline running through me with all the meetings and work to get done. It's good adrenaline, though!

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:

You don't find time to do important things. You MAKE time. Big difference. One is reactive (failure), the other is PRO-active (success!)

Make it a great Monday,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

PS - On the weekend I watched...

Ant Man

It has a few good laughs from the supporting cast. It's not as good as a Captain America movie (including the one with Ant Man in it), nor was it as good as Deadpool, but still good enough. Evangeline Lilly was smokin!

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