Monday, July 27, 2015

Want to be a part of the Turbulence Training team?

If you want one of the secrets to success in life, a tip that will help you lose weight, drop bad habits, and change your life, here it is:

Surround yourself with people who are better than you…they will bring out the best in you. Who you associate with is more important than you could ever imagine. Do not accept anything less than the best – otherwise you are cheating yourself.

And that brings me to an incredible opportunity for at least one TT reader that wants to join a winning team and get connected with positive people.

We want you to be part of the Turbulence Training.

If you're passionate about helping people find the right health and fitness solutions, and you love solving people's problems, we need you!

We're looking for an extremely nice, highly organized, fitness-loving person to join our amazing Customer Satisfaction Team as a phone representative.

You will need to be available during regular daytime American business hours (8am to 5pm EST, Monday through Friday). There's a lot to do. You'll be in charge of taking in-bound phone calls, responding to voicemails, making outbound calls to customers to make sure they've received orders, and more. Just to be clear about one thing, there is no cold calling involved. We aren't looking for a salesperson (Bally the Dog handles all of that, ha!).
You'll also need to be kind and patient. While many people call in to share success stories, sometimes you'll get upset or confused callers. (Not everyone loves what ol' CB says, ha!). You will need to lovingly help all of our callers get the solution they need to their problem.
As a bonus, if you're interested in taking on more responsibility, I have good news. The initial role is an hourly position, but as we grow, moving into a full-time, salaried position is an option. We provide health insurance for our full-time employees.
But wait, "Who exactly will you be working for?" you might be wondering.

Here are more details about our company…Our fitness division of Turbulence Training is part of a larger personal development company called Early to Rise (ETR). We are based in beautiful Denver, Colorado. At we sell fitness videos, business-building courses, Gratitude Journals, personal improvement kits, financial resources, and a supplement called Daily Energy.
We work in a collaborative environment that allows you to interact with some of the most influential minds and experts in personal wellness and productivity. We encourage all employees to practice what we preach, so that they can improve their own lives while improving the lives of others.
If this seems like something you'd love to do, here's how to apply. Please read this list carefully, as Bally will eliminate anyone who doesn't follow these steps. Seriously! It's the easiest way to make sure you're attentive to detail, an essential skill for you to have for this role.
1. Send your application to
2. Attach your resume and cover letter
3. Answer the following on your cover letter (no fancy editing needed).
- Of the expectations above, which one is the EASIEST for you? Why?
- Of the expectations above, which one would be the HARDEST for you? Why?
- When is it okay to hang up on a customer / caller?
- When was the last time you tried to be persuasive? Did it work?

We look forward to hearing from you,

Craig, Bally, and the entire team at ETR and Turbulence Training

PS - Do you know our #1 motto at ETR?

Never, ever, EVER give up on what is important to you.

If you want to lose weight, hang around better people, change your job, help more people, lose a bad habit, or achieve your big goals and dreams in life, you must know what is important to you and you must be persistent.

If you have that attitude, and if you plan to succeed, hang around good people and get social support, set a deadline, and take action, you WILL succeed.

I know you can - and WILL - do it. Your time is now!

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