Saturday, July 04, 2015

Wacky Sleep and Fun Workout in Toronto

Wackity-whack, summertime's back. And so is ol' Craiggy. He's back in Toronto and just had a whacked night of sleep (or almost no sleep). Here's what happened.

Friday night I had dinner with a young entrepreneur that had previously attended one of our seminars. It's amazing what these kids are doing. This guy owns a few bitcoin bank machines in Toronto and has already sold two technology companies. He just turned 28 … and he played three years in the NHL for the New York Rangers. Amazing. I was still in school until I was 25. LOL.

After a wagyu rib-eye, we checked out one of his bank machines, and then I walked around downtown Toronto for a bit by myself and got back to my hotel room. That's where I made a big hygiene mistake…yep, bad sleep hygiene will keep you up.

My mistake? I started reading some emails on my computer. I was so wired from our meeting that I was excited to share a few ideas with my young colleague and then write down some big ideas for ETR and TT. I should have done this all on paper, as research shows that the light emitted from electronics keeps you up.

And my life experience shows that, too. Ha. I tossed and turned for an hour, woke up at 2am and couldn't sleep again. So I got up. Wrote. Created. Meditated. Made the most of it. And then…

Whackity-wack, bedtime was back. I slept again from 5am to 7am. Whew. Now I feel a LOT better. My brain and body are still out on Denver on MST.

So everything turned out okay. I don't feel that tired now, but I regret missing out on my magic time between 5-7am. Oh well, I can't feel bad about it (see today's quote below for how I need to put it in perspective). Plus, I still had some fire in my brain to come up with today's long kickbutt mindset tip below.

After I woke-up – for the 2nd time – I was ready to workout. Today's session…was not the deadlift workout I had hoped for… and for three reasons:

a)    The terrible sleep
b)    I don't have any workout shoes
c)    I couldn't locate a great nearby gym

So I'll leave the deadlifts till Tuesday at the YMCA because my forearms and back will need the rest after today's session. Around 8:30am I snuck down to the hotel gym in my socks (again, I don't have any workout shoes) for this total body banger.

1A) Maximus Pushups – 5x20
1B) Pullups – 5x8
1C) Goblet Squat – 5x20

2A) Seated Row
2B) Ab Wheel

And even though this is a long way off my 2006 record of 95 pounds for 10 reps, I finished the workout with a new PR.

3) Biceps Curl Personal Best – 80x8

Tomorrow is an interval day (bodyweight squats and bike sprints) and I will also enjoy big walk under the early morning Toronto sunrise. Then it's off to visit J-Roc, my best buddy, and see how he's doing after his appendix removal. Finally, I'll get back to Stratford mid-afternoon for a long overdue Bally-the-Dog-walk.

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
Be okay with the decisions you've made. You can't change the past, but you can learn from it. Make the right decisions for your future today. Need less, want less, have less; Help more, create more, give more.

Embrace the decisions you've made in your life that got you here. You've made no mistakes. That's right, no mistakes. Everything you've done has served to make you into the strong person you have become. Appreciate your trials. Leverage your tribulations. Turn the bitter into better. You now have the rest of your life to harness the power of your strengths into actions, experiences, and relationships that will make the rest of your life the BEST of your life. So let's do it.

No more regrets. No more wishing things were different. If you want change, make it happen. If you want more social support, go out and find it. If you need accountability, ask for it. If you want better results, start planning and preparing better. If you want to finally succeed, set a deadline and give yourself an incentive. Those are the 5 pillars of transformation and success. Those 5 pillars will give you the rock-solidest foundation for success. Your achievements will be almost automatic with these in place.

So do the foundational work today. Accept where you are and put the right habits into place, right now, for your right life.

The path to success has been laid before us all. Others have taken it, leaving it well worn for you and I to follow. We have no excuses. It's time to do the work, to embrace the new sacrifices, to accept the challenges, to overcome the obstacles, and to show the world what we are made of. I'm ready if you are. Let's go! This is your time. You can – and WILL – do it. I'm right here beside you and I believe in YOU.

Time to make the most of the rest,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

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