Friday, July 10, 2015

A Different Kind of Meathead Fun

Final lift of a deload week before new program starts on Sunday morning with squats, Monday with bench (international chest day!), and Thursday with deadlifts before a trip to Toronto for the weekend. I have to squeeze in one more training phase before going to Europe in August.

Wow. This was good. More fun when it was done, that's for sure, but a good experience to go through. Today's workout:

- Plank
- Bird Dog
- Band pull
- BW squats

4 rounds of...

1A) Light KB Snatch
1B) Box Jump
1C) Maximus Pushup (1 second pause at top & bottom)
1D) Heavy KB swing

2) 3-min KB Farmer Walk

3 rounds of...
3A) TRX Triceps Extension
3B) TRX Biceps Curls

Not training today? Do this instead:

Take a look at these 6 simple yoga poses from Master Fitness and Nutrition Therapist Miss Holt. It describes how to do the pose and the health benefits. Send this to your friends!
Whether you're an expert or beginner to yoga, these six moves will relax and revitalize your body.

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
Do not take it easy. Do not slack off. Work harder. Do better. Set higher expectations for yourself and those around you.

Enjoying an amazing day on the farm,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

PS - Don't hang around losers...

...who don't want you to succeed. Cut the cord quickly. Move on to better people. They are out there & want to help.

Discard personal attacks. You are making the right choices for YOUR right life. That's what matters.

People won't always understand your dedication to self-improvement. Do not take it personal when someone attacks you.

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