Thursday, July 02, 2015

Bench Near Blowout in Denver

Funny thing happened in the gym today. I always like to set a personal best, and I have about a dozen exercises that have records, from Farmer Walks to Squats to Trap Bar Deadlifts to Bench Press and Pullups. Today I decided to go for a pull-up record and that almost resulted in a hamstring or knee blowout. Let me explain.

I was so focused on the exercise and hitting my record that I let go of the bar at the top position and dropped a lot further than expected. Fortunately my body landed in an athletic position, but my left hamstring was loaded with a lot of force under an eccentric contraction. It held out. So did my knee (because of a slight bend when I landed - automatic from all my jump training - and because it is strong).

Things could have went bad. I thank my lucky stars.

The rest of the workout was good times.

- Maximus Pushup
- Band Pull

1) Pullup Personal Best

2A) Bench 5x3
2B) BB Row

3A) Incline Bench
3B) Chin-up

I was gassed by the end, in a neuromuscular drive sense, not muscular exhaustion. Perhaps because it was a fasted, no caffeine workout at 5am after finishing dinner at 5:30pm the night before. I slept okay, but would have loved a pre-workout Coke Zero...but gotta have discipline.

Now here's another crazy story...although this guy didn't luck out.

My best friend of 34 years, TT Client of the Year 2014, J-Roc (who is now a CTT as well) celebrated Canadia Day by...

...having his appendix removed. LOL.

His claim to fame? He says he's the only person to have ridden his bike to his appendix removal surgery. He's still in the hospital bed and the recovery phase is really, really long. Six weeks of no heavy lifting ... and worse, no golf! He loves getting in a couple of rounds on the weekend and his game was just starting to get in the groove.

So random. If you stay in contact with him, send him a nice get-well-soon email. I'll keep y'all updated.

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
Make small changes every day. Do the work. Commit to getting better. Fix your mindset. Believe in yourself. Truly and fully. You can do this

And here's someone that is doing just that:

Proud of her and you for pushing on,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

PS - Play up a level.

When you become a mentor, it is required of you to make the right decisions. You shed the skin of the hypocrite. You become a leader, you grow others, and you get better as a result.

The 5 most important lessons I can teach you (best interview ever)
If you want to get better, surround yourself with the right people. If you're always the smartest person in the room, you're hindering your growth.

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