Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Perfect Day Farm Arms and Abs and Sprints

Deadlift session coming up on Friday, but for today it was a fun hybrid workout on a PERFECT summer's day in Canadia. Everything has been going as planned today. It started with 90 minutes of writing, followed by 20 minutes of stress-relieving meditation, then a nice cool and sunny dog walk.

Bally and I then enjoyed our breakfast (mine was different than his, LOL), and it was back to work for a bit. After a few hours, he was ready to lie in the grass and I was ready to move. Here's how it went.

- Band pulls
- Pushups
- Yoga stretches
- Band pushdowns
- Band curls

1) TRX Triceps
2) TRX Biceps
3) Backyard Sprints
4) Med Ball Slams
5) Ab Wheel
6) Rack Walks (holding kettlebells at shoulder height in rack position)

Three times through. Fun stuff.

Might hit a bike ride later today. Followed that up with a great call with my ETR team in Denver and then a massive CTT update with our Director of TT Trainers, Daniel Woodrum. So much cool stuff going on with him...he's helping so many people and growing his FBBC faster than ever. Rockstar.

There is so much going on sometimes it can be stressful to hit all the deadlines. You probably know the feeling, so don't miss this. We're giving away a free yoga DVD with Missi Holt taking you through the sessions.


Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:

From problem comes opportunity. Look on the bright side of every obstacle thrown in your way. Turn the bitter into better.

If you want to change, it all starts with believing in yourself. Once we truly believe we are capable of better behavior, that's the impetus for all habit change. That's when all of those other physiological tips and tricks actually start to work. So do not procrastinate on change any longer. Just do it. Take action. Believe in yourself, because it all starts there.

Get started,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

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