Thursday, July 23, 2015

Bally Dog Walk and BioTrust Mocha Protein

Happy National Hot Dog & Vanilla Ice Cream Day. Hope you are getting ready for a great National Parents Day on Sunday. I discovered that these are all real "national days" during some research this morning.


No workout for me today...just an amazing dog walk through nature with ol' Bally. He took a Ballfie for you to show you our route. After our workout I took a day off from my dairy-free diet and tried the new BioTrust Mocha flavor whey's really, really, really good. I blended two scoops with a banana, 8oz water, and 4 ice cubes. Perfect.

Turbulence Training's photo.
Turbulence Training's photo.

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:

Someone will try and sabotage you today. But when they do, when they interrupt your day, throw their emergencies at you, or tempt you with junk food while you're committed to your healthy meal plan, just remember you have the right and the strength to say NO. You have to stand up for what is right for you at this time. You might not win the popularity contest, but you'll win the battle for your life, your future, and your integrity when you do the right thing, right now, for your right life. You have my permission to stand up for yourself! 

And as I've said before, there are probably a lot of people who want to do the same thing…there are others at your office who want to lose fat and get thin…but they need a leader. You can be that person. By saying NO to temptation and YES to your big goals and dreams. You can do it. Start small, but start now. Let's go!

Make a great one,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

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