Wednesday, July 01, 2015

How to Fix Lower Bark Pain by Bally the Dog

Woof, woof, ol' Bally the Dog here with an important story to bark to you. It's about my poor ol' Grandma Ballantyne. She takes care of me out on the Ballantyne Farm these days, because my human, ol' CB, is always traveling. He's out in Denver today but Grandma and I are enjoying a nice sunny day working out in the garden.

Now here's the problem. If you've ever had a garden, you know that you end up with a sore back after a long day of bending over, picking strawberries, weeding between your rows of carrots, and plucking yummy potatoes from the ground.

(One of my greatest joys in doggy life is licking a nearly finished plate of roast beef and mashed potatoes after a big Ballantyne Sunday dinner.)
According to research, over 80% of Americans over the age of 50 have back pain, and plenty of younger folks do too. Worse, my dear Grandma was suffering from back pain last winter. That made it really hard for her to give belly rubs.

After spending months – and thousands of dollars – hoping that expensive chiropractic treatments would help, she stumbled across two solutions. The first is a tiny little liquid savior called Soothanol. She just puts this on her pain and rubs it away. It works fast!
And the second trick she uses are a few of these easy-to-do stretches from Missi Holt, a Certified TT Trainer and pain relief guru down in Denver.
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These two solutions have saved Grandma a ton of time and money that can now be put to better use, like towards giving me more belly rubs and buying me Breath Buster treats for my world-famous stinky dog breath. (Hey, just being honest, no dog is perfect!).
I want you to be pain-free too, so no matter if you have tight hips, an achy back, or sore knees, these little stretches are the proven solution.
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To a pain free and doggy filled life,
Bally The Dog, CD
Certified Dog
PS – Woof, woof, don't forget this bit of Dog Wisdom…
Roll around. Run fast. Give lots of kisses. Have a nap. Bark at the Moon. Chase lots of cats. And never stop wagging your tail. That's how you live a full life!

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