Wednesday, September 04, 2013

did you miss this free workout?

You know the old saying?
A picture is worth a thousand words? Well, a free workout video demonstrating the NEW and IMPROVED Turbulence Training must be worth a million!
So many great folks from the TT world have asked:
- What equipment do you need?
- How can you do a workout in just 30 minutes?
- How can I burn fat without cardio?
- Are your workout videos really that good?
- Can I do the workouts at home?
- Will you show me proper form?
- Will you give me alternative exercises?
The answers to these and all of your questions are best answered in this dramatic Workout C - all 30 minutes - for free here: 
Click on this link or the video to watch a free sample workout from the Turbulence Training 2.0 program. 
And here's the workout so you can print it out, too!
Intermediate Workout C from Turbulence Training 2.0
Warm-up Circuit:
- Go through 2 times with no rest between exercises.
- Rest 20 seconds between circuits.
o    Prisoner Squat - 20 seconds
o    Pushup or Kneeling Pushup - 20 seconds
o    Stability Ball Leg Curl - 20 seconds
o    Band Pull - 20 seconds

1A) Goblet Step-Up - 30 seconds per side
- 15 seconds rest/transition.
1B) T-Pushup (alternating sides) - 30 seconds
- 15 seconds rest/transition.
1C) KB (Kettlebell) or DB (Dumbbell) Swing - 30 seconds
- Rest 30 seconds & repeat 1 more times for a total of 2 circuits.

2A) 1-Arm DB Squat & Press - 40 seconds per side
- 20 seconds rest/transition.
2B) DB Renegade Row (alternating) - 40 seconds
- 20 seconds rest/transition.
2C) Suspension Y's or DB Rear-Delt Raise - 40 seconds
- 20 seconds rest/transition.
2D) Suspension Curls or DB Curls with Palms-up - 40 seconds
- Rest 30 seconds & repeat 1 more time for a total of 2 circuits.

3A) Narrow-Stance Bodyweight Squat - 20 on, 10 off x 4 rounds
3B) Jumping Jacks - 20 on, 10 off x 2 rounds
3C) Narrow-Stance Bodyweight Squat - 20 on, 10 off x 4 rounds
3D) Jumping Jacks - 20 on, 10 off x 2 rounds
Pretty cool, huh?
Just watch the video for all the exercise demonstrations and even suggested exercise substitutions.
Try that out.
Once you're done, you'll be convinced that the new TT is perfect for you. And so you'll want to take advantage of the special "2.0 Release Party" discount on the full Turbulence Training 2.0 Mega-Package. But hurry, this ENDS on Friday, September 6th at midnight, and then the price doubles.
Here's everything that you'll get:
  • 24-weeks of follow-along, fat-burning workout videos with me and my Certified Turbulence Training superstars, Mikey Whitfield, Brian Kalakay, and Shawna Kaminski...we'll do every repetition of every exercise with you - all in just 30 minutes per session!
  • The NEW and IMPROVED 10-year Anniversary Edition of Turbulence Training (complete training manual with exercise charts, photos, and descriptions)
  • Amazing new versions of classics like TT Thermogenic-30 and TT for Buff Dudes and Hot Chicks (<= most popular TT program ever)
  • Five brand NEW 4-Minute Miracle workouts that you can do anytime, anywhere for a TT fat burning boost
  • The new and improved Turbulence Training Nutrition guide to deliver you the total fat loss package you need to transform your body
Get the full Turbulence Training video package here <= sale ends soon!
This is the NEW evolution in your fat loss revolution,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - Make sure to use the New Turbulence Training... win my money in the 18th Turbulence Training Transformation Contest.
Remember - the TT Transformation Contest is FREE (just like the awesome workout sample above).
All you have to do is use your favorite Turbulence Training workout to lose belly fat, gain more energy, and change your body, and you can win up to $1000 of my money.
But hurry, the last day to enter the contest is Sunday, Sept 15th.
There are 4 categories so that you have an increased chance of winning one of the $1000 prizes for:
1) Men Under 40
2) Women Under 40
3) Men Over 40
4) Women Over 40
You'll love Deb's story of how she lost 27 pounds of fat in 12 weeks using the original Turbulence Training workouts! And I'm especially proud of Peter in our Under 40 men category, a long-time TT member, who lost 14.4 pounds of fat while gaining muscle and getting ripped abs.
Start your transformation with Turbulence Training 2.0 today. You'll gain muscle and lose fat in just three workouts of 30 minutes per week. And you'll get to do the workouts in follow-along video format with me, your personal trainer.
(So make sure the house is clean when I "stop by" for our workouts!)

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