Friday, September 06, 2013

Bally the Dog has BANNED You

Ol' Bally the Pooch here with a special Frydaze afternoon announcementz...
I'm just about to head out and drag my master, Bally the Human, for a walk, but before I go I have some really urgent news to for you.
You're about to suffer from a BALLY-BAN.
That's right, Bark, Bark, you will be BANNED from losing your belly fat at midnight tonight when my ownerz Craig Ballantyne closes the NEW Turbulence Training deal and puts it back in his Secret Vault.

If you don't take action today, you'll be BANNED - just like how I've been banned from sleeping on the bed :(. So avoid banishment, lose your belly fat, and save 51% on his new program here before it's too late:

=> Get the NEW Turbulence Training and lose fat in just 30 minutes 
And while I know it's Friday and things are slowing down for the week, you can't take your time on this. Don't delay.
Go after it like I go after stray catz! Woof. I hatez catz!
Because this is your ABSOLUTE LAST CHANCE to get his 30-minute follow-along workout videos and bonus 4-Minute Miracle bodyweight workouts together at such a low price. 

At midnight tonight, these will no longer be available, you'll have to pay a lot more, and you'll lose out on your opportunity to use the latest and greatest fat burning workout programs.

But to get take advantage of this incredible deal, all you need to do is to go through this magic puppy dog link and get started with his program BEFORE midnight tonight:

=> Magic Link That Gets You the ONLY VIP Bonuses <= Magic link

(After midnight, the magic link turns into a pumpkin link, and you'll have to pay DOUBLE the price - sorry!)
And I go peez on all the pumpkins I seez! Heck, I'll pee on anything.

So don't waste any more time - because that just gets you closer to being put on the "BANNED for life" list from the Best. Workouts. Ever. Don't let this happen to you.

Those are 3 words you don't want to hear. Banned. For. Life. I know, because I've been banned for life from a lot of things around the house, like sleeping on the bed, eating chicken bones, and chasing catz in the house!

So to avoid being banned, just click the link below to get Craig's program.

=> Get VIP Access to the BEST. Workouts. EVER. <= Expires tonight

That will give you 4 amazing programs for the price of one! 

So just to recap:

VIP List = List you WANT to be on.

BANNED List = List you do NOT want to be on. (Boooooo, Woof, Woof!)
(Unless you're a cat. Then I hope you get BANNED for lifez!!!)

Please don't get banned,
Bally "the dog that just wants to sleep on the bed" The Dog 
Certified Dog

PS - Just a reminder...

You only get added to the VIP List if you order through this magic link today:

=> Get VIP Access to the BEST. Workouts. EVER. <= Official VIP Link

Stay VIP.

Unless you're a catz.


Farah said...

How different is the new TT program from the TT I purchased in 20 ? I'm trying to focus my training better because I've been doing cardio & different body weight circuits & iI haven't used my TT in a while. Would the old program work sufficiently? It had cardio in 20 minute bursts. Has that been removed in the new TT?

Craig Ballantyne, CTT, Certified Turbulence Trainer said...

Interval training is out. Finishers are in. Workouts are shorter. And much more fun. Plus you get follow along videos. Lots of changes. Contact Lesa at for your past client deal. Thanks!