Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tiger Woods & Phil Mickelson Training For Golf

I don't play golf, but for some reason I enjoy watching it on TV. Each tournament, - if Tiger is playing - I always try and catch the final 3-4 holes.

Today was Tiger's first tourney of the year, and it wasn't even close. He already had a record lead after Saturday's round, and he made some great shots today to win easily. Tiger is fit and looks focused for a lot of wins this year. Should be good times.

And no, I still don't think Tiger Woods uses steroids. He's just young and fit, that's all.

Now apparently Phil Mickelson also spend the off-season working out, and I think I noticed he was significantly slimmer than in the past few years, but I'm just guessing based on how he looks. If anyone knows his fitness routine, let me know, I'd be interested to see it. Phil looks like the kind of guy who has a hard time with nutrition, so hopefully he improved that as well.

Good luck to all the TT golfers out there this year,

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