Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Get What You Really Want

In case you missed it at New Year's, I've put the incredible goal-setting, motivational, inspiration interview with Dax Moy back up on

It's called "Mastering the Fat Loss Mindset" and shows you how to achieve your fat loss goals for good!

Click HERE to read it or listen to the interview

Here's a little bit from Dax's interview about goal-setting:

"What is it that you actually want? What is it that you actually want? Not, what will you settle for, what seems realistic.  

What is it that you actually truly want if I were to wave a magic wand in front of you right now and say okay, in 2008 all of your dreams are going to come true and given you already, in relation to your body, how it's going to look, how it's going to perform, how it's going feel, then what would you ask for right now with magic wand in hand?

And that is really the goal that people should be setting for themselves. That's really the goal that people should be attacking when the new year comes in certainly.

And that's really the only type of goal that's going to hold enough power to keep you on the straight and narrow for long enough. Because when you feel really passionate about something, things don't feel like an effort. We all know that. We've all read books that we absolutely love, and we get lost in the time and we can't believe it's, we can't believe that four hours have been gone by while you've been reading.

It's no different with any form of a passion. When you are truly moving toward a passion, when you are truly enjoying what you doing and you can really see where the potential benefits of pursuing that passion lie you'll stay on track.

If, on the other hand you set a goal that's smaller because someone has told you what you've, what you're asking for is unrealistic, the chances are in that moment where they've told you that you are being unrealistic, what they also did was, was beat a huge chunk of your passion around the head with a rubber mallet and actually told you to stop being silly. Don't invest so much passion into this and hey, just focus on the smaller goal.

That's the best way to fail, and I think that's one of the biggest reasons why a lot of people do fail."  

Click HERE for the entire interview

Stay strong,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

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