Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hotel Gym Workouts & Hotel Room Bodyweight Exercises

Did a decent workout in the hotel gym on friday night. Supersets of dumbell chest presses (very high reps) and split squats and some other upper body stuff.

Got this hotel gym workout done in only 25 minutes. It was another classic hotel gym set-up. A bunch of relatively useless (and definitely inefficient) machines, along with a lot of cardio equipment, and then some light dumbells.

Its annoying, but when you know as many exercises as I do, its not that hard to come up with a decent hotel gym workout.
I wasn't planning to workout on Friday night, but I heard legendary American wrestler Dan Gable speak for 2 hours on Friday morning and it made me realize there is no reason to lie around and be lazy. Very inspiring and intense guy. Apparently the first thing he did upon arriving to the hotel on Saturday morning at 2:30am (due to delayed flights) was to sneak into the pool and workout. That's dedication.

And Saturday morning, same thing. I wasn't planning on a workout, but I felt like doing something before heading to the airport for a 6-hour journey home (including all the sitting around time).

So I ended up doing a hotel room workout that I'm calling the "Hotel Room TT Bodyweight 750". Seven hundred and fifty repetitions of various bodyweight exercises all that can be done in a hotel room.

I used lunges, pushup variations, stickups, mountain climbers, and plenty of others as I trained for about 30 minutes and felt great afterward - I really benefit from this type of activity before going to the airport and being strapped into a seat for 3 hours.

So overall, two surprisingly good hotel workouts using bodyweight and dumbell exercises only. Goes to show you there is no excuse for letting up on your fat burning workout routine when you are on the road - even when you are really busy.

My schedule was actually so jam-packed that I didn't even go outside once in the 4 days I was in Tampa, since the hotel was connected to the airport. Fortunately the weather is stil quite nice in Toronto and I've been out a lot since getting home.

The next time you are on the road and want to stay fit, realize their are no excuses. From supersets you can do in the hotel gym to bodyweight exercises in your room (I don't necessarily recommend sneaking into the hotel pool after hours). You can burn fat and get fit - no excuses.

Getting outside today and will also do kettlebell stuff,

Fat Burning Workouts for Traveler's & Home Gyms


Unknown said...

Hi Craig,

What is the best alternative to a pull up when you dont have access to a pull up bar or to a ball in a hotel?

Sydney Hotels said...

Hey man,
Can you give some idea on how to make myself fit to your way. I am a very busy person that i don't have time to get myself to any PE (Physical Exercise). Thanks.

Simon said...

Robert, the best ways to work your upper back in a hotel room are to try Towel Rows or Bodyweight Rows.

Be careful on the Towel Rows. Grab a bath towel and open your hotel room door. Loop the towel over the top of the door and then shut it, trapping the towel in the door. Make sure it is sturdy and not going to slip out. This will only work if you have a solid room door.

Hold onto the towel with 2 hands and walk the feet forward so that you are hanging back at an angle to the door. Keeping the abs engaged and the butt tight, pull yourself up towards the door, drawing your elbows back towards the sides of the torso. You will be at about a 45 degree angle to the door, with your feet close to the bottom of the door.

If that is too unsafe, try bodyweight rows instead. Adopt a push up position, and keeping the abs and glutes engaged, lift one hand up towards the chest in turn, like a renegade row in the gym.
Keep alternating sides, ensuring that your body remains still.

Just a couple of ideas, since upper back work can be hard without equipment. Hope they help.


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