Sunday, April 07, 2019

Toronto Training and Fun Farm Workouts

Daisy and I had some good dog training sessions in the city. She's almost 100% in making it outside to pee, and we're learning some important commands, like "Leave It" so that she doesn't eat chicken bones off the ground.

On Thursday I had a good "backwards total body session" at the Shangri-La Hotel Gym in Toronto:

1a) DB Curls
1b) Triceps Extensions

2a) Seated Shoulder Press
2b) Pullups

3a) DB Reverse Lunges
3b) Cable Abs

Friday was an off-day as I did a massive filming session for YouTube, FB and IG. That was a great day of wrestling at the dog park for Daisy, too.

Then on Saturday we drove back to the farm, and I did a great leg workout:

1a) Front Squats
1b) Box Jumps

2a) Split Squats with Weighted Vest - 20 rep sets
2b) Stability Ball Leg Curls

Then Daisy and I did adventures out on the farm. We bought her a 50-foot leash and attached it to a post, she can roam "freely" while we are outside supervising her. She also received a "Bark Box" from one of my clients that had some good treats in there. Of course, all she wants to do is chew things she's not allowed to chew, but other than that she is loving life. :)

PS - Quote of the Day

'You can have anything you want... But not everything you want.' ... "Keep your attention focused entirely on what is truly your own concern, and be clear that what belongs to others is their business and none of yours." – Epictetus 

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