Thursday, January 24, 2019

Dallas Steaks and California Jets

This was an epic 48 hour trip.

Joel and I flew from Tampa and we arrived to a very chilly city. That would prove to be a problem later Tuesday night.

Upon arrival we grabbed lunch and then went to the event networking party, before meeting up with the so-famous-he-is-infamous Bedros Keuilian. We had a huge group dinner at Dakota's steakhouse. After dinner, where I had a waygu strip, baked potato, and brussel sprouts, we had to stand outside in the cold waiting for a ride home. It was 40 degrees Farenheit and I was in a t-shirt. Ooops.

The next day, after a few hours of writing, I went to a 24-Hour Fitness gym for squats. It was a great workout, and the staff was Texas-friendly.

Old-man warm-up with new mobility work from Luka Hocaver

1a) Squats

1b) Box Jump


2a) Front Squat

2b) Leg Curl

Then it was back for a quick lunch and to get ready to bring the wisdom of the Perfect Week Formula to the CapCon crowd of 500-strong at the Perfect Week Formula. Boom. It was fun. Then two of my best friends, Joel and Bedros, followed me with their own magic hours on stage. Dang, Bedros gets better and better every time. He was sooooo good.

By then we were starving, so it was off to Bob's Chophouse for more steak.

We started with ALL the appetizers. Literally. LOL. Bedros even put his box of chocolates – a gift from the CapCon seminar- on the table for everyone to share.

The menu tempted me with a pork chop tomahawk, something I had never seen before... tempted as I was, my choice was the bone-in rib-eye, with my master plan being to eat half of it at dinner and the next half for breakfast.

My sides were brussel sprouts, sauteed spinach with mushrooms, and a plain baked potato.

And yes, my plan worked.

I took home half my meal, put it in the fridge in my hotel room, and enjoyed a cold, fatty steak for breakfast. It was like eating butter.

Then it was off to the airport... where our group of 8 had rented a private jet for our flight to LA. Private jets are fun because you have no security to deal with, but they are actually tiny and cramped, especially for 8 grown men. Still we had fun, took lots of videos and photos, and landed safely (most important of all!).

From there it was a drive to Costa Mesa, California, where I'm speaking at another event and doing one of my coaching workshops on Saturday.

Sunday is a rest day - and sushi dinner day with Bedros and his family - and then it's three days of Empire Mastermind fun in Chino Hills at Fit Body Boot Camp HQ.

Oh, and I did a little workout this morning of pullups and rows.

Time for a good rest and solid day of coaching and speaking tomorrow.


PS - Quote of the Day

"My life improved when I quit looking backwards. My life just took off like that. When I started saying, "What am I going to create in my life regardless of what has happened?" The sooner you can separate from your past and your mistakes and the negative, the better." - Grant Cardone 

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