Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Meh vs. Great

Today's workout was 'meh'.

Today's internet connection was 'meh'.

Fortunately, today's dog walk and weather were great. :)

1A) DB Press - 90x6
1B) Band Pull

2A) DB Incline Close-Grip Press
2B) TRX Row

The DB press was a personal best for 2017... so maybe the workout was good after all.

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:

...courtesy of The Stoics...

Think about that "One Big Ugly Problem" (OBUP) in your life...

The OBUP causing you stress, anxiety, irritation, worry, or sadness.

Now IMAGINE that it was a close friend of yours dealing with this problem.

- What advice would you give?
- What comforting words would you say?
- What resource would you share?
- What encouragement would you give?

It's a lot easier to give advice to someone else that to take it, right?

It's easier to look at the problem without "outside eyes" and see the solution, isn't it?

This has been known for centuries.

In fact, Epictetus and other Stoic philosophers taught us something like this...

"When something bad happens, ask yourself, "What would I recommend if this happened to someone else?" And then do that. You'll probably be more rational. And it's harder to ignore the advice — because it's your own."

So my friend, step back, and look upon your problem with outside eyes.

The solution is there.

It always has been.

You just needed to find it for yourself.

PS – I was just interviewed again on my favorite radio show in San Francisco talking about the "two types of people in life"... find out which one YOU are in this episode here... Enjoy!


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