Saturday, August 05, 2017

Deadlifting on a Cold and Rainy Summer Morning Before Sunny LA

Today was my final workout on the farm before heading to Toronto for the night. I have an early flight to LAX. From there I'll meet Jay Ferruggia, and hopefully Australian trainer, Chris Dufey, too. We'll hit brunch, and I'm expecting Jay to lay waste to a lot of carbohydrates. He goes crazy every Sunday afternoon.

Since it was a deadlift session, that meant I had to leave the home gym and go to the local YMCA for some barbell time.

It all worked out perfectly, since the gym was quiet, even though it was an unseasonably cold and rainy August morning.

1A) Deadlift
1B) Mobilty

2A) Good Morning
2B) Row

That was it. Solid session.

I plan to do something quick before the flight tomorrow morning.

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
Spend an hour this morning thinking. Turn off your electronics. Avoid the Internet. Don't watch TV. Just sit and think. Finish your day with three hours free from all gadgets and TV. Spend the time in conversation or in love, but not in the digital world.

Rock on,


PS - More content on how to Set Boundaries to Live Free ...

... and Take More Time Off!

Remember my Paradox of Structure:

"The more structure in your life, the more true freedom you will have."

Structure includes boundaries for social media, email, and your phone.

For example, you should not go on your phone until after you have been awake for an hour or two. That way you can get something productive done each morning, like writing, BIG thinking, practicing a sales script, exercise, or meditation.

Likewise, you MUST have a boundary for when you shut your phone off each night. It should be at least an hour before bedtime, preferably two hours. This will help you wind down and fall asleep faster, and sleep deeper.

I even recommend "Device Free Days" or Digital Detox blocks on the weekend when you shut off all electronics. Discover how to do this on my Digital Detox podcast at…/

Doing a controversial Digital Detox Device Free Day helps you regain control of your life, dominate your days, get more done, and finally achieve the success…

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