Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Easy Meathead Session in Denver

Can't breathe too well, but, I did some upper body meathead bodyweight training at the hotel.

1A) Pushups
1B) Pullups

Also, some rollouts, face pulls, and upper back mobility.

Should be fine to deadlift on Friday.

Gotta keep on moving easy till then.

But if you're healthy, but just crushed for time, do this...

NO Excuses! No matter how busy you are today, you CAN give me 4-minutes. Let's go! New School! With the Old School Guy!


And a new CB interview for you...we get philosophical about virtue.


Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:

Live by Example.

Do great things. Show the world that there are indeed POSITIVE people out there… that you care… that SOMEONE cares… that there is hope… that if you persist and never give up on what is important to you, that you CAN make progress… that there will be better days… that after the darkness there comes a dawn.

If you do all of this, and open your heart and care for others and even support perfect strangers, your world will open up to enormous opportunity and gratitude.

You can’t change all that is wrong in this great big world, but YOU can have an impact, even if it is just a tiny, positive impact on a stranger that receives a smile from you on the street today.

There’s so much we can do for others, and in the end, what we do for others ends up benefiting us 10-fold.

So let’s do this.

Let’s make our little worlds a little more amazing today.

Who knows what impact you might have!

Imagine the possibilities, for they are enormous!

Have an awesome day,


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