Friday, September 11, 2015

Eat More and Burn More Cookbook

A few months ago we asked TT readers, "What's the #1 reason you can't lose weight?" Surprisingly, your answer wasn't 'time' or 'energy.'

Instead, you said you just need a better diet, one that helps you lose weight but is easy to follow, and leaves you satisfied - not starving all the time. You just want to eat foods that aren't boring or different from what your family and friends get to eat.

So I put my good friend, Chef Gui Alinat, to work in the kitchen and after testing hundreds of recipes, he's created a family-friendly fat burning cookbook that allows you to eat - and even overeat - your favorite foods while still losing weight.

He's fixed
100 of your favorite recipes and made them PERFECT for weight loss, and he's put them all into his brand new FREE cookbook, Eat More Burn More. <= Get it here

Chef Gui has spent over twenty years cooking these fat burning meals for the rich and famous in South Florida, as well as cooking delicious foods at home - on a budget - to feed his hungry family of SEVEN (yep, he & his wife have five kids!).

Chef's cookbook will soon go on sale on Amazon for $25, but he's convinced his publisher to give away a limited number of FREE copies before the official release

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Chef's recipes are quick and easy to prepare, and don't require expensive ingredients (and that's GREAT news, because my family's number one complaint about many 'healthy recipes' is that the ingredients cost too much).

You'll be amazed at the variety of tasty meals you can cook on a budget that still let you lose weight while overeating your favorite foods.

But remember, Chef's special offer is only available for a limited time. All that we ask is you cover the shipping & handling so that we can get you this book ASAP.

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And as I mentioned, Chef is great friend of mine. He cooks for one of my best friends, Joel Marion, down in Tampa, Florida. That's where we met, and you can meet Chef too, right now.

He made a short video for you explaining how his recipes crank up your metabolism and allow you to overeat your favorite foods while still losing weight.

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Enjoy these amazing weight loss meals that actually fill you up,  

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
Certified "Kitchen Clutz" that loves this book!

  PS - If you have family or friends that need this book...

... please forward them this email and tell them to get their free book today

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