Tuesday, September 08, 2015

30-Day Challenge is Here!

35 years ago on the Tuesday after Labor Day, I started school. Dressed in my Superman t-shirt and carrying my Superman lunch pail (and probably adorned in Superman underwear), I boarded Bus #1 and rode off to Downie Central School.

Today, school returns for you in the form of our 30-Day Slim & Sexy Challenge, and instead of Superman underoos, you get Superwoman Missi Holt, CTT, to guide you through the most planned-out month of your life.

Excuses will be banished, and much will be expected of you, but in 30-days from now, come graduation time, you'll be a SUPER NEW you.

There's never been a Challenge Event like this in the fitness industry, and that's why you weren't able to achieve EXACTLY what you wanted in the past. But today is different. Your time is now. And your superhero coach, Missi, is here for you.

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But hurry, not only do the doors close soon on this special event, but we're only giving the Fast Action Bonus coaching call to eager readers that join today.

If you wait until tomorrow to get started, then you'll miss out. Don't make that mistake. Get started today, accelerate your results, and transform your body, your mind, and your life.

You've come this far…don't stop…your time is NOW!

Here's to your amazing results in the next 30 days with Missi on your side.

Arrow pinkGet started now and enjoy the Fast Action Bonus with MissiArrow pink2

To your SUPER success!

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
  PS - Do this…
Learn from your mistakes. Mistakes are actually great things that happen to all of us…because with the knowledge you gain from them, you are able to achieve the big goals in your life.

Start now, start today, and get Missi's help to achieve your big goals and dreams.

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