Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bench Bars and Paleo Protein Bars

Yesterday was an end to my 8-day CASS-Free streak. But it was worth it, because I had an incredible upper body workout and workday where I had to create over a dozen emails for Chef Gui Alinat's cookbook launch.

The workout went like this:

1A) Bench - 5x5 at 185lbs (so weak compared to 2006 when I did 225x14)
1B) Chest-Supported Row - 4x12

2A) Pause Pullups
2B) Incline Bench

Even though it wasn't CASS-Free, yesterday was alcohol-free. It's been a couple of weeks now, and could be a while before I'm interested in that again, even though I'll be hanging out with some drinkers this weekend at an NFL game.

Today I'm back on the CASS-Free plan.

But tomorrow I'll be off the plan with a deadlift workout on the docket.

BTW - No Coke Zeros, of course.

Oh, and no plastic water bottles either.

I have been experimenting with a new protein bar though. It's from and is Paleo. They flavor of the bar doesn't match the flavor on the label in most cases, except the Coconut Shred. The Glazed Donut just tastes like sweet playdoh. The chocolate brownie really isn't chocolatey. Hopefully future versions are better.

Now if you prefer real food, here's the GREAT news.

Coming soon! The Eat More, Burn More cookbook from my friend Chef Gui Alinat... Oh, and that knife is a gift from was handmade in France! So don't try and steal my copy of his book... smile emoticon
Turbulence Training's photo.
Turbulence Training's photo.

Today's kickbutt Mindset Tip:
"Your ability to set clear goals & work toward them everyday will do more to guarantee your success than any other single factor." - Brian Tracy

Rules for your Life make life so much easier. Structure = Freedom. Total paradox, but true:


Make the rules and make the changes,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

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