Saturday, May 02, 2015

Steak and Shake Weight Pump

Last night I had a well-earned, post-deadlift, awesome buffalo rib-eye steak at @EDGEsteakhouse in Denver...I've had it many times, but last night's was the best. Going back Sunday. It's going to be way too busy in there today because of the Kentucky Derby party.
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I followed up that dinner with a morning Maximus Meathead bodyweight session in the hotel gym using some Shake Weights. Just kidding. No shake weights. But a great pump.

1A) Maximus Pushups - 5 sets
1B) Pullups - 5 sets
1C) Cable Abs - 5 sets

2A) Close-Grip Pushups - 5 sets
2B) Chin-Ups - 5 sets

Totally pumped. Here are the Maximus pushups...STRICT.


Tomorrow and Monday are off, and then a final squat workout before I leave Denver for the week and head to San Diego. There will be deadlifting on Friday morning at Fit Athletic, my 2nd favorite gym in America.

Here's today's Kickbutt Mindset Conversation:

I was recently interviewed by my friend Jay for his groundbreaking podcast...we talked about dealing with criticism...enjoy this candid conversation.

Jason: And if you're going to do anything, you need thick skin, right?

Craig:  Yes, you can try and avoid criticism as much as possible but it's  difficult to avoid all of it. So you do need to have thick skin and  realize that everyone's hater has the same name, "Anonymous." Everybody  who makes fun of Justin Bieber, if they saw Justin Bieber would try and  get in a photo with Justin Bieber.

Jason: Of course, they would.

Craig: Most people wouldn't even mouth him off to his face.

Jason: Did you ever see that thing that Jimmy Fallon did with Robinson Cano when he left the Yankees and went to Seattle?

Craig: No.

Jason:  So they had a billboard of him in New York and they had people mouthing  off to Cano saying, "You scumbag," "You sellout," "You left New York."  And then Cano came out from behind it and they just hugged him and took a  picture with him. That's a good example.

Craig: Oh, yeah. Well,  that's exactly it. That's great. No one ever walks up to me in these  seminars and says, "You're such a jerk for saying don't do cardio." No  one's ever said that but I know there are websites online, blog posts  and even like a few deranged people have like full on websites devoted  to hating me. But there are hate sites to websites.

Jason: I have a couple of those.

Craig: Yeah, I think it's ridiculous. What do you think is the best biggest idea in the last 15 years in the book world?

Jason: The best biggest idea in the book world?

Craig: Yeah, so book title that's the biggest idea. We know the guy.

Jason: Drawing a blank.

Craig: Tim! Tim, 4-Hour Workweek.

Jason: Of course. Right Sure.

Craig: So 4-Hour Workweek is the best big idea.

Jason: Yup, without a doubt.

Craig:  Half of his success of that book had to be from the name and half of it  from his incredible perseverance of promoting it—he did so much—and  then half of it from the content inside so those three halves.

Jason: And he's got a ton of haters, too.

Craig:  Yeah, and again those guys, especially Tim's haters, I bet you those  guys would love him even more. I think it was Sigmund Freud who said  that we hate people because of what we see in them that reminds us of  ourselves so I think people are just jealous of Tim because they want to  be in Tim's shoes so bad. That's why he gets so much hate because  people want to be him so much. Yeah, they would really be in his fan  club more than any haters of anybody.

Jason: Yeah, absolutely. So  let's talk about you personally. What was a big business breakthrough  for you? We talked about when you hired your first coach. Maybe some of  that we haven't discussed yet, maybe the last few years.


Click here for the rest of the interview

Be a lifter not a hater,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Traine

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