Saturday, January 31, 2015

Streaking and Deadlifting

Yesterday I trained at the Senior's Center in Seminole, Florida. It was actually an LA Fitness, but 80% of the people in the gym were over 55. It was kind of cute, slightly funny, and very inspiring. There were some great mature folks working hard. One gentleman banged out 15 chinups. I was impressed. It's great to see folks taking up exercise at every age.

The facilities were dirty, and I certainly wouldn't get a membership there, but I was able to have a good deadlift workout.

1A) Deadlift
1B) Long Jump

2B) Overhead Squat

3A) Hang Clean
3B) Leg Curl

Good times.

We're up in Clearwater Beach for the rest of the weekend at the BioTrust Superbowl party. The hotel, The Sandpearl, is fantastic. I stay at dozens of hotels every year, and the room layout of mine is one of the best. It has both a mini-bar, for emergencies, and an empty fridge, as well as a big bathroom and large desk. It faces north, so I can see the beach and the sunrise. I even have a little balcony.

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
Everything is easier when you remove temptations, interruptions, and distractions from your life. Make the path smooth, you'll go faster. Identify and remove two big obstacles from your fat loss success today!

Streaking Update

I dropped a streak last night in celebration, but it was harmless. On the bright side, some great force took over my fingers this morning and I smashed out 2250 words in an essay about email addiction, all in less than 90 minutes between 4am and 5:25.

1) Write 3000 words per day

I cultivated my habit. I woke up and went right to work. I skipped going online. I avoided looking at my to do list. I started typing and boom, the words spilled onto the page as well as they ever have. What a great start to the morning, and I still have another 2000 words to get through as I finish up the CTT newsletter of the month. That's why I like to work on Saturdays. It's one of my secrets to how I get ahead of everyone else.

2) No Post Dinner Binge Eating

Dinner was a big disappointment last night. It's the downside of large group events. We had over 60 people in the restaurant, and food didn't get to our table until nearly 9pm (even though we sat down at 7:15pm). So I skipped it, left the event a little early, walked Joel's wife back to the hotel, read a little, and went to bed. That certainly solved the post-dinner binge issue.

I have a big breakfast planned with Kevin Harrington.

3) 1 Drink Maximum

Here's the one that got broken...seems to be the toughest one. We had a couple of celebratory drinks pre-dinner. But I stopped at 6:30pm. That allowed me to have 3 hours between alcohol and bed time, part of my 3-2-1 Goodnight Formula:

If you want to sleep better and live healthier, here's a simple 3-2-1 formula to use for bedtime. It helps you avoid interrupted sleep, heartburn, and insomnia.

First, stop drinking all alcohol three hours before bed. Alcohol might make you feel sleepy at first, but it impairs your natural sleep cycle and interrupts valuable deep sleep.

Second, finish all eating at least 2 hours (and preferably more) before bed. I'll admit, that's the toughest one for me, especially when traveling for work and trying to stick to my early bedtime. However, the New York Times recently reported that eating close to bedtime increases your risk of heartburn.

Finally, turn off all electronics one hour before bed. The blue light emitted from screens makes it difficult to fall asleep. Spend the final hour reading books, talking with your spouse, meditating, taking a bath, or enjoying 'other' activities in the privacy of your bedroom - but don't be reading your iPhone or Tablets just before bed, unless you want to stare at the ceiling for another hour. Use that simple 3-2-1 rule and you'll be better rested to control your morning and win your day tomorrow.

4) No Outbursts or Snarkiness

Great night of conversation plus two excellent work meetings. Everyone was in great spirits, and we are surrounded by dear friends. Makes it very easy to be a good boy.

5) Healthy Gut Days

Yesterday was nearly perfect eating. I had a Coke Zero in the morning, but no caffeine today. I need to get a nap instead.

Time for breakfast.

Stay strong and keep on pushing on,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

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