Monday, January 05, 2015

My Streaking Transformation Update

On Sunday I moved the South Florida party from the West Coast over to Miami. I woke up early and did some writing in the office at Joel Marion's house where I was staying. Joel was still up, and he remained hard at work on some important BioTrust issues until 7am. He's a machine.

The night before we went out to dinner at a nearby steakhouse, where I had a healthy gut friendly meal of steak, a baked potato, and steamed spinach. I met my writing goal again, and overcame an outburst opportunity at dinner where a couple of us got confused within a conversation. Fortunately I stayed patient. Three years ago I would surely have said something snarky. Overall it was a good dinner, and I love spending time with Joel, his wife, and his in-laws.

After my Sunday morning writing and a good Meathead upper body workout, I drove my little red Nissan Altima rental car over 300 miles to Miami, arriving right at Sunday noon hour hotel checkout rush hour. Ooops, didn't plan for that. Fortunately the highways were empty, and I made great time on the road.

I had a meatless Sunday, sticking to fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, coconut oil, and coconut butter. It was more of a snacking day than a sit-down meal day, and I finished eating at 4pm. I wanted to get to sleep early and while I failed last night, I try to have at least 3 hours between dinner and bedtime (to help avoid heartburn). I have a lot of restaurant eating planned this week, so it was good to have a day off from long, late meals full of nutritional hazards and temptations. And it was a zero drink day, as well.

My streaks are going well, and I've hit my writing quota again thanks to another interesting American Success Story profile and some ETR updates. I'm cranking out the content as fast as ever, and can do about 500 words in 15 minutes. It's not polished and needs editing, but right now I'll all about volume.

Keep your streaks going today,


PS - Whatever...

Whatever is in your way, you're stronger than it, you're tougher than it, and you're better than it. You're going to beat it. You can't have a physical transformation without a mental transformation…the same habits that drive success in fitness work for making all areas of your life better…time management, discipline, goal setting, social support, etc. It's never a bad time to start a physical transformation, to set goals, or to hang around positive people. Never, EVER give up on what is important to you.

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