Friday, January 23, 2015

When to do cardio (surprising)

Three years ago I was doing a LOT of cardio.

Wait. What? Why Craig, Why!?!

Because I needed to be tough. Tough Mudder, tough.

I needed to be ready for the 12-mile Tough Mudder race I did in Beaver Creek, Colorado, back in 2012.
And I was. The course was brutal, starting at 8,500 feet in elevation and going up to 11,000 feet, but I finished in 2 hours and 45 minutes. A few months later my best friend and I did the Toronto Tough Mudder - which was almost easy in comparison - in just under 2 hours and 10 minutes. We were among the first 10 people - out of 17,000 - to finish the course.
My results were all thanks to the Tough Mudder Training program I created. And I know what works for preparing men and women of ALL fitness levels to complete a Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash or Spartan Race.
(That program is also perfect for runners and endurance athletes of all kinds.)
You'll Discover the Safe and Quick Way to Getting Fit For 10 Mile Mud Runs and Obstacle Courses with TT Adventure Race Training

Listen, if you're going to spend $50 or $150 to enter a race, you better be prepared. If you're not, you won't enjoy those really fun races. 
The races are a great time. After all, who wouldn't when you can be a kid all over again PLUS lose stubborn fat and gain lean muscle at the same time.

NOTE: I also hit personal bests in my strength training workouts while doing this Tough Mudder Training with once-a-week cardio. My superior results were again, all thanks to my unique plan, so you'll stay strong and lean without losing muscle.

And that's exactly why I've put together this one-of-a-kind workout program. In TT Adventure Race Training, you'll train for fat loss while also preparing for a Tough Mudder race.

NOTE: You don't have to be doing an adventure race to get the fat burning benefits of this workout. Everyone that wants to get fit and lose fat will LOVE this tough program.

And inside this special TT program, you'll go through "The Adventure 600", a brutal challenge workout designed to increase your strength and endurance, two total body workouts that will shred the last bits of stubborn fat, AND you'll have a plan for dominating the 12 miles in a Tough Mudder.

Whew - that's a LOT.

But it rocks.

And not only that, you'll also discover that these TT exercises will help get you through the obstacles you'll face going through the Tough Mudder race - that way you'll ace the race while leaving your friends in awe... not to mention all the heads you'll be turning with your lean and ripped physique.

But what if you have NO intention of ever doing an adventure race?

That's totally fine because you can still use these 3 powerful workouts to rapidly transform the way you look and feel. I guarantee it.

Heck, the hill sprint program alone is one of the nastiest fat burning challenges I've ever put together. And with a new challenge every week, you're going to get better and faster, all while shrinking your waistline and looking hotter than ever in time for summer.

Throw in the first metabolic resistance training circuit from Workout B, and your metabolism will be revved so high, fat simply won't stand a chance of staying around for beach season.

And about The Adventure 600 that I mentioned...It's an 8-exercise, all out fat burning circuit, swooping in to put the finishing touches on a beautifully sculpted physique.

So whether you're training for an adventure race or simply wanting to transform your body, I promise these workouts will deliver amazing results.

Get adventurous. Get TT Adventure Race Training.

Get super fit - super fast - here

Get super-fit with CB and TT like never before,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - No matter what!
No matter what happened yesterday, no matter what mistakes you feel you made, no matter what setbacks may have been dealt to you, no matter what obstacles you struggled with, today is a new day to start fresh, to return to your journey, to do what matters, to change what needs changing, to improve upon old habits, and to get better - as you are committed to doing every day.
Stay strong and keep on pushing on...and never give up on what is important to you, even if yesterday it got further away from you. Pull it back towards you today. Stake your claim. Change your ways. Do what is right for YOU!

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