Thursday, January 15, 2015

Benching and Swimming in Denver

Another great day in Denver yesterday, and so far today.

Today's workout:

1A) Bench Press
1B) Barbell Row

2A) Military Press
2B) Machine Chest-Supported Row

3A) Dips
3B) Pullups

Great times.

Followed that with a 4-lap indoor/outdoor swim at the hotel. Who knew swimming in Denver in January would be warmer than swimming in Miami. And cool to have the downtown Denver Clock Tower in my view from the (heated) pool this morning.

Turbulence Training's photo.
Turbulence Training's photo.

We are receiving so much great feedback on during our 250,000 Fan contest. For example, here's a great success story:

"Craig – I cannot thank you enough for Turbulence Training. My new year's resolution last year was to lose 10-15 lbs and eat healthier. After several years of being out of shape and not eating very well, I was skeptical that I'd do it. I found your program on a whim by searching the internet for "workout at home." I needed an alternative to running, which kills my knees, and swimming, which was tough to fit into working and taking care of two preschoolers. What I found is an amazingly efficient and fun program that has given me a passion for life, healthy eating and physical fitness.

"I lost 25 lbs in 3 months - back to the weight I was at 25. I have a leaner and more muscular body than I did as an athlete in college. I've kept the weight off and continue to be fueled by the amazing energy your program has given me. I am more positive about everything in life. I feel confident, healthy, fit and younger.

"I am so excited about your program that I'll tell just about anyone about what an incredible impact it's had on me physically, emotionally, and mentally. So far, I've recruited some co-workers and possibly the biggest skeptic - my husband.

"Also, my 6-year old worked out alongside me doing the Buff Dudes and Hot Chicks workout C on Saturday. Although she improvises a bit, it was awesome and motivating to see her excited about working out with mommy.

"My 2015 New Year's resolution is to share your program with as many people as I can so that more people can share in the benefits I've so appreciated. Last year for Christmas, I dreaded getting more clothes that would feel tight and uncomfortable. This year, my list included things like a TRX, a bench, and a pullup bar. Santa delivered and I'm ready to go for another year of fantastic workouts with you and your team." – Denise Zorn


Streaking Update:

1) 3000 words per day

More profiles...on Marie Curie, Margaret Thatcher, and also some very cool insider info about Richard Branson's secrets.

2) No Post Dinner Binge Eating

Early room service dinner last night so I could rest. Big filming weekend coming up.

3) 1 Drink Maximum

None yesterday. Might have one tonight.

4) No Outbursts or Snarkiness

I was great on my interviews but could have been better in a couple of meetings with team members. I need to get focused and anchored and mentally prepared to get out of my selfish introverted state and focus on the feelings of others.

5) Healthy Gut Days

Everything is rocking. Wise choices are being made. Feeling great.

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
When faced with hard times, we have a choice...we can keep going or we can quit. All tough times come to an end. If we quit, we only make it worse and learn nothing. But if we keep going, though the situation may be frustrating at first, you WILL be making progress. Things WILL get better. The future WILL become brighter. It may be slow, but it WILL be sure. Stay strong. Push on. Never give up on what is important to you. You WILL achieve your goals. You will win. I believe in you.

Stay strong and keep on pushing on,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

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