Sunday, April 06, 2014

Weekend workouts

Trained upper body push and pull at a 24-Hour Fitness yesterday after Day 1 of the TT Certification.

Bench, Pullups, DB press, chest supported row, and V-grip pulldowns.

This morning, a quick garage gym at Bedros Keuilian's (I'll take a photo of his sweet set-up), and then I have a flight to Denver.

Last night, Bedros and his wife cooked for Dani, Kate, myself, and Cara Eckerman, CTT. It was a feast of wagyu beef (from, vegetables, and Di's famous cookies.

This morning B will make me some eggs before I hit the airport. He's a good cook too, but dinner was all about Diana's work last night. She was in the kitchen all day. Crazy!

The best breakfast that I ever did have was in Panama City. I was staying at the Hotel RIU and they brought me the biggest omelet and a giant bowl of the freshest fruit. It was a meal fit for a King.
And that's what I'm going to teach you today: How to eat like a King (or Queen, of course!) and still lose belly fat, get lean, and tone your arms & abs.
It can be done. You just need to know the nutritional truth, particularly the truth about a certain type of food.
If you eat the WRONG foods, you're in trouble. If you eat the right foods, like I did in this breakfast at the Westin Hotel in Costa Mesa, California, last Thursday morning, then you'll be well on your way to losing weight - and maybe even getting abs like me and ol' Bally the Dog.
I love the Westin brand of hotels for their extra effort on healthy traveling, such as their great gyms and "superfoodz" menu. This breakfast was 4 scrambled eggs (real eggs, not that 'egg mix' that hotels will try to serve you), extra olive oil, a double serving of steamed spinach, and Green Tea.
It was a little too much food, but I man'd up and ate it all before my big leg workout at the local 24-Hour Fitness (of squats, low-box jumps, good mornings, and front squats).
So enough of training like a workhorse (we'll focus on that tomorrow in our Monday Morning 10-Minute Miracle Workout series).

Burn fat faster with the right foods in your fat burning kitchen,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - Really excited to show you some...
...unique 10-minute density workouts tomorrow. Some of them are even advanced hard-core workouts. So put your big-kid pants and come ready to train on Monday! It's going to be off the charts.
Have an awesome Sunday. 
I'm going to be up early out here in California and then it's off to the airport for my flight to Denver. I have meetings out there for a couple of days and then I get back to Toronto on Tuesday night. Wednesday and Thursday are busy with appointments in the big city, and then finally I get to head back out to the farm for a nice relaxing weekend with ol' Bally the Dog. Spring will be in the air and that means he'll be super-excited to chase 'varmints' down by the old river that runs through our property. It also means he's going to be a wet and stinky dog, so he and I will be spending lots of time in the garage working on more fun, fast, and effective fat burning workouts.
Stay tuned for tons of exciting workout and nutrition updates this week.

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