Monday, April 21, 2014

60 Second Diet Trick

Here's a 60-second diet trick that will help you lose fat faster, according to the scientific journal "Nutrition & Metabolism".
Simply mix 10 grams of low-carb whey protein (I recommend with water and drink before two to three meals every day. The May issue of Men's Health magazine reported that you will lose fat faster when you do this.  
If you want more diet tricks, including a proven way to finally break free of frustrating sugar cravings, binges, and addiction, read this article:
Meet the author, 2008 TT Transformation Contest winner and 2013 TT Trainer of the Year, Catherine Gordon. Catherine was a sugar addict for decades. She once stole cookies from her roommate to feed her addiction.
But today, Catherine has crushed the sugar demon. She looks 14 years younger and has dropped 14 pounds of fat now that she is Sugar-Free! And yet if you ever meet her, you'll agree she's sweeter than ever. Catherine rocks, and will be on-stage at the TT Summit in June.
50 years old - while looking under 35 - and rocking a two-piece!
So if you LOST the sugar battle this know, the one where it was You vs. Giant Chocolate Easter Bunny in a sugar-cocoa butter death match (along with his friends, those dreaded marshmallow bunnies, jelly beans, and cream eggs).
It's no wonder you fell victim to another sugar binge, so get Catherine's help and FINALLY kick the sugar addiction to the curb forever and ever, Amen. 
Having Catherine, and her step-by-step sugar-beating blueprint on your side will be like having the weight of the world lifted from your shoulders. It will be like having handcuffs removed from your wrists. You'll be free to eat normally and finally lose the fat that sugar held hostage on your body. 
Escape the curse of sugar addiction.
No more binge eating.
No more hiding.
Just relief.
And a normal life again.
To your health and to a better life,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - Some great life advice to live by this week...
"Wherever you are, be there." -Jim Rohn

If you are working out, focus on working out, not checking your phone, reading a magazine, or heaven forbid, watching TV in the "Cardio Theater".
Driving? Drive. No Texting!
Eating? Eat. Mindfully. Enjoy it, but don't overdo it. Recognize you are full.
Parenting? Parent.
Leave the phone at home when you take the kiddo to the park. 
Be mindful.
Mindfulness will be the new happiness.
Expect to hear a lot about it in the next year. And for good reason.

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