Friday, April 11, 2014

Farm TRX Workout

Back out on the farm and it's time to hit the TRX.

So glad you loved yesterday's killer core training circuit. Using a suspension trainer can get addicting and so I added an ab blasting superset.
You're going to love this one, too. It all starts with my NEW favorite #1 ab exercise, the Suspension X-Body Mountain Climber... I know it sounds so simple, but if you do them wrong, you won't get amazing results. Suspension Trainer Dan Long knows exactly how to get the most out of every rep and he'll show you in his NEW follow-along videos.
He knows all of the Suspension Trainer secrets that other coaches don't even know exist. Wait until you try this new exercise paired with my previous #1 Suspension Ab move, the Ab Fallout.
It's a brilliant combo. The first exercise forces stabilization and contraction from the bottom up, while the second demands incredible core strength and then hits you with contraction from the top down. It's the ultimate ab superset, and practically impossible to replicate without a suspension trainer.
Add this Ab Superset to the end of your next workout:
A) TRX Mountain Climber - 30 seconds
B) TRX Ab Fallout (kneeling) - 60 seconds
- Rest 30 seconds and repeat two more times.
Then consider your abs, "Officially Blasted". But don't get me wrong, suspension trainers like the TRX or Jungle Gym straps (you can use either for the superset) are not just core training devices.
In fact, there are literally 191 exercises that you can do to get ripped and even build muscle, practically anytime, anywhere. And celebrity trainer and TRX authority Dan Long shows you how here:
As part of the Suspension Revolution, Dan is leading cutting edge trainers and clients (including his SuperBowl champion clients and members of the New York Yankees) through all of the best workouts that you can do with these simple straps.
It truly is a revolution in the fitness industry, and Dan is the leader.
Discover the aweseome workout videos of the Suspension Revolution here:
Whether you train at the gym, in the park, or even in your garage, people will be amazed at the strength and shape of your body as you do these moves...
... when done CORRECTLY. Most people get suspension exercises all wrong. But you won't do that with Dan. He'll be there every rep of the way, giving you his cuing secrets on getting the most out of every reps...
... TRIPLING your results. 
Dan's Suspension Trainer Secrets + Energy = Awesome
But hurry:
This special 2.0 revolution follow-along video launch sale ends soon, and the price of these 191 exercises 20 weeks of high-energy workouts will double faster than you can say, "Viva La Revolution!"
Get ripped with the Revolution.
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - Dan is 41, yet RIPPED and has the most insane energy...

It's off the charts. And you'll discover this addicting energy in every NEW follow-along Suspension Revolution 2.0 workout video. A big part of Dan's energy and low belly fat levels is his workouts with Suspension training.
You'll be amazed at what he can show you in just a few seconds.


Richard Morris said...
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Richard Morris said...

Awesome post. Worth reading! :)
Just wanted to share my friends experience here. She is trying this amazing Focus T25 Challenge Pack and she is very satisfied with the results! It helped her a lot in getting fit.

MoLangley said...

I am a big fan of suspension training. There is no better way to isolate leg muscle groups. We own a TRX that stays outside anchored to the back porch stairs. For our group training, I built half a dozen that I use 2x a week. It was nothing more than ski rope and 3/4" pvc pipe. When it is warm enough, we train in a park and I use swingsets. In the winter, I tie off to the ends of bleachers.

Orange County TRX Instructor