Thursday, April 24, 2014

TT Certification in Toronto

Hey, I want to thank you for watching my Turbulence Training 10 Million Mission video, and for joining me on our TT Trainer teleseminar back in November of last year, or for using one of my TT Bootcamp programs. 
Here's a quick update on your next TT Certification opportunities - and the most common reason I was fired as a trainer :).
For the first time EVER, there will be a TT Certification in Canadia! It's coming up in Toronto on May 9-10th with Master Certified Turbulence Trainers, Brian Kalakay and Chris Lopez (who is also a Strong First Kettlebell instructor and will be happy to spend extra time helping you with your form on advanced kettlebell exercises).
Chris and Brian are exceptional trainers and know how to bring the energy while being 'politely assertive' when it comes to correcting form.
As you know, at Turbulence Training, we are sticklers for excellent exercise technique. In fact, back in my full-time training days, I was repeatedly fired by a few of my ultra-wealthy clients for insisting they stop talking, focus, and do exercise according to my rules.
These multi-millionaires just weren't used to being told what to do...and I guess it bruised their ego that they couldn't handle me. But oh well, training people right matters more than appeasing rich people.
That's why we spend so much time on correct exercise technique and fat loss program design at the TT Certification. Day One is devoted entirely to creating great workouts and hands-on exercise technique teaching.
Chris and Brian will cover everything from beginner core training to advanced bodyweight training all the way through to all the Kettlebell exercises you desire to learn.
I'm proud to have Chris and Brian, Master CTT's, on the TT Team. If you're interested in joining them at the Toronto event, please go here:
The Next TT Certification in Toronto

Otherwise, hope you can make it out to San Diego for the TT Summit in JUNE...6th and 7th, with the Cosgroves! (And Brad Pilon!)
Chris and Brian will also be teaching Certification sessions at the Summit, along with myself, Kate Vidulich, and Dani Woodrum. Plus, you'll get to attend bootcamp sessions with fitness industry legends, Alwyn Cosgrove and Rachel Cosgrove.
After the morning workouts you'll also hear from the Cosgroves about how they have built one of the most profitable gyms in America - while delivering such amazing results to their clients that they are consistently chosen by Men's Health magazine as one of the top gyms in America.
If you are serious about growing your personal training business, and about becoming the best trainer you can be, then you need to be at the TT Summit.
It's not a HUGE seminar, so you'll get a chance to actually talk to all of the presenters and ask them questions that apply to your specific business. Plus, you can still attend the VIP reception on the Friday evening if you take action today. 

See you soon,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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