Wednesday, October 30, 2013

4-Minute Workout better than Crossfit?

Here's why this is better than Cross-Fit...
In the time it takes someone to drive down to their local Crossfit, you
could do a better cross-training, fat-burning workout at home without
a single piece of equipment.
And don't even get us started on the 60 minute P90 videos or cardio...there's
no need for workouts to last longer than a massage. Those long workouts
just beat you up because they have you do TOO much, too fast. Here's a
better way to exercise no matter which one you prefer:
Here's why these short, bodyweight workouts are better than Cross-Fit and
all those other programs:
You get the same benefits as Crossfit - fat loss, abs, strength, power, and
and dramatically improved fitness - but without the pitfall of high injury, these bodyweight workouts come in Beginner, Intermediate,
and Advanced Levels (and often take just 4 minutes per day!)
Long Live the Home Workout Revolution,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - Want 20 NEW workouts?
Twenty brand NEW Home Workout Revolution videos have finally
been added to the site. You'll get fourteen 4-Minute Miracles
and six 6-Minute 6-Pack workouts PLUS all 51 of the NO-equipment
Home Workout Revolution programs.
Get those bonus workouts here:
You'll be amazed on what you can do with just your bodyweight and in
a small amount of space at home, in a park, or even a hotel room.

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Compliance Hong Kong said...

This is really good. But mys sister has high blood pressure. Is it good for her?