Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Turbulence Training Fat Loss Information

Here's some Q'n'A from the Turbulence Training Membership forum.

Q: Once in a while I have my workouts in the early evening, say 7pm. Do you recommend still having a post workout shake and then a meal (that includes carbs/protein) before I go to bed? Or is it possible just have your last meal after that workout?

Its more important to worry about your total daily calorie intake. Don't force extra food into your system if you've already eaten enough for that day.

If you only have "room" for a small amount of calories after training, you can choose to eat or drink them, its up to you.

Q: I won't have access to the gym for the next few days and was hoping you could suggest a total body workout that requires no machines, dumbbells, or equipment that I could do in the basement of my parents house. Thanks.

Take a look through my youtube videos for some ideas:

Click HERE for Turbulence Training Youtube videos

Also the July Advanced Bodyweight program is worth a look.

Q: I saw an interview with a trainer who said that he trained men and women differently. Is this something a woman should keep in mind when doing TT (substituting certain exercises to avoid a certain look)?

In general, I don't recommend too much different between men and women. That said, there are two things I sometimes change for the ladies...

1) A reduced volume. That means only 1 set of 8, rather than 3 sets of 8.

2) Using bodyweight versions of an exercise in place of dumbell

i.e.) Using pushups in place of dumbell chest presses.


Q: Where do we post our before and after pictures for the Turbulence Training Transformation Contest? And what are the contest rules?

You can post your Transformation and read about all the other life-changing competitors in the Turbulence Training Transformation Forum HERE.

For rules and regulations of the contest, click HERE

What are you waiting for, start transforming now,


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