Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Best Way to Burn Fat

What in your view is the best way to burn fat?

Well, you start with nutrition. You have to follow the basics...

a) eating less than your body needs to maintain its current shape

b) sticking to whole, natural foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts, various protein sources) and avoiding anything with added sugar

c) no un-neccessary liquid calories

Then you can start to set-up the workout with the main goal to boost your metabolism. This way of thinking is a little different than the traditional "use cardio to burn as many calories as you can in the workout" approach.

Turbulence Training users are taught to avoid that mentality, and instead use short, intense resistance training and interval training methods to boost the metabolism outside of the workout room.

Stick to multi-muscle movements when you choose resistance training (you can use bodyweight, dumbell, kettlebell, barbell, etc).

You can also choose between a variety of ways to do interval training (sprinting, biking, bodyweight circuits, kettlebell/dumbell swings, cardio machines, etc).

You only need to hit 3 intense workouts per week (focusing on quality training, not quantity) and then stay active with stress-relieving activities on off days. Just have fun...this is a great "lifestyle-friendly" approach.

Do this and you'll change your body. And if you change your body, why not enter the Turbulence Training Transformation Contest?

12 weeks to a new body,


PS - It's finally here!

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