Thursday, June 15, 2017

Shorter Workouts and Wussing Out

Man, did I ever wuss out today. But don't worry, I paid for it.

It was supposed to be a deadlift day at the YMCA, but for some reason I get such anxiety about the trip there, and the dreaded fighting for space, that I managed to find every possible excuse NOT to go.

However, I crushed a workout at home, using some advice from Chris Lopez that he shared with me at the TT Summit.

Speaking of TT summit, it inspired me to create a new model of the TT certification here

Let me know what you think.

Alright, here was today's punishment workout...

1A) Double KB Front Squats - 4 sets
1B) KB Swing - 10 sets of 10 (instead of 5 sets of 20)

(I did 2 sets - or more - of swings for every set of squats)

2A) TRX Row
2B) Ab Wheel Rollout

That's it!

Lately folks have been noticing my short workouts.

I'm getting stronger, fewer overuse issues, and with less training time.

TT Member John M. wanted details...

Here's what I said:

Hey John!

Each individual workout is built with the mindset:

Is this purposeful?

I.e. Is another set of __ going to give me significant results?
Is another exercise going to have more pro's than con's?

With that in mind, each session generally looks like this:

Old-Man Warm-up => 20 minutes, includes shoulder and hip mobility, then some yoga, then plank, bird dog, then traditional bodyweight exercises

Main Superset

Assistance superset + mobility

Finish with foam roll

It still manages to be 45 minutes or an hour!

On a weekly basis it looks like this:


Best programs for this:
2009 Reconstruction
Anything with 2 supersets (I think Four to the Core is latest that fits this)

And then in addition, I just do more biking and walking now.

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
"Never have a scarcity mindset. Reject all fear, greed, and doubt. No more complaining. Fix your attitude, environment, & confidence so you make progress every day. Turn adversity into abundance, weakness into wealth, and envy into love." – Craig Code #30

Rock on,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

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