Sunday, June 11, 2017

Hot Gym Chest Workout

It's hot on the farm, and 82 degrees in the garage gym, but it made for a great workout. Well, I should say that I made it into a great workout.

1A) DB Chest Press - 80x11
1B) TRX Row

2A) TRX Triceps
2B) DB CSR - 2017 PB of 70x13

Now for some relaxing and cooling off.

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
First, watch this =>

It's about my $1000 Thank You Therapy habit🙏. You should genuinely thank 10 people per day, says my mentor, @bedroskeuilian ... and so I started sending these cards 4 years ago... and @vincedelmonte got the first! So go out and Give today. Put a smile on someone's face. Give them the love ❤️ and recognition they deserve. #perfectdayformula #thankyoutherapy #love #gratitude

PS - Today was a day I'll never forget...

...said Vince Delmonte about Friday's workshop.

"It's a day that will change the trajectory of my family's lineage forever."

Vince did my Perfect Life Workshop with his wife, father, and friends, and at the end of the day he had:

- identified the #1 cause of friction in our life
- identified the greatest accomplishments we want I achieve in 20 years with family, health, wealth and experiences
- wrote out our Perfect Life Vision as if it were the year 2020 (this was powerful)
- identified Gods 10x plan for our life
- goal planning for our #1 professional priority for the next 90 days
- mapped our 30 day plan - scripted our perfect day
And so much more.

I honestly can't recommend this event to entrepreneurs more than enough. If you "carry the weight" of your business on your shoulders, sign up for one of Craig's workshops.

Thank you Craig, your life's work is making a difference more than you can imagine. The future is clear! World Domination is in full effect! If you're a successful entrepreneur and/or tagged below, contact Craig ASAP.

#perfectdayformula #perfectlifeworkshop #structureequalsfreedom
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