Monday, June 13, 2016

Sunday Squat Substitution

Finally, ol' CB has come back ... to the garage gym! (Say it like The Rock.)

It's been over 7 weeks since I've been home, and frankly, that's too long. Never doing that again!

Saturday's trip home from Cleveland was fine, although I thought my flight was cancelled at one point. That was just about Bad News Bears. Fortunately it was all a big misunderstanding, like an episode of Three's Company.

After getting home - and to bed - later than usual, and then sleeping later than usual, I had a good walk and some laughs with ol' Bally the Dog (he remembered me!), followed with breakfast, some writing and then a lower body workout:

1a) KB Swing

1b) KB Goblet Squat

2a) DB Split Squat

2b) Ab Wheel Rollout

2c) DB RDL

It was supposed to be a regular barbell squat workout at the gym, but honestly, I didn't feel like leaving the farm. The weather is amazing and I just wanted to sit here and enjoy it. However, Monday will be a different story, because my program calls for a bench press workout...

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:

"Wherever you are, be there." – Jim Rohn

… If you are exercising, focus on the task, not checking your phone, reading, orwatching TV. Driving? Drive. No Texting. Eating? Eat mindfully. Enjoy but don't overdo. Parenting? Leave the phone at home when you take the kiddo to the park. Be mindful. It matters.

Do the right thing,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

PS - Something to remember this week...

No matter how much faith and dependence you put on an external authority figure (whether it is Jillian Michaels or Craig Ballantyne), none of us can do the work for you. It is YOUR responsibility to get up and do the workouts, to plan, shop and prepare your meals on the weekend. To identify two solutions for every obstacle you encounter on a regular basis. I will help you as much as humanly possible, but ultimately, success lives and dies with your ability to TAKE ACTION
6.13 hwr image

PPS – You CAN do it.

Here’s why…when you have these 5 pillars in place, success is guaranteed!

  • Better Planning and Preparation than EVER before => i.e. my proven workouts
  • Professional Accountability => Ol’ CB, your coach
  • Positive Social Support => Good people that care about you
  • A Meaningful Incentive => A deep, meaningful reason for why you want to change
  • The Big Deadline => Set a plan to stick to your program for the next 30 days

You can  - and WILL – do it. We believe in you!

So “Never Stop, Never Stopping!” as the kids are saying these days.

Always keep moving ahead. Fail forward. Everything you do gets you closer to your goals.

Stay strong and push on!

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