Saturday, August 01, 2015

Final Deadlift Day for the Summer

Yesterday was another CASS-Free day thanks to the support and accountability of the TT forum, but this morning there was pre-workout caffeine, and stevia in some protein shakes. That's because today was a deadlift day. It's my final workout before I hit the road for 17 days. There will be bodyweight training and a few hotel gym workouts, but no heavy iron until I return to the farm on August 18th.

1A) Hang Clean
1B) Mobility

2A) Deadlift
2B) Broad Jumps

3A) Full Squat
3B) Overhead Squat
3C) Chest-Supported Row (CSR)

Followed by extra time with the dog, some packing, and then a drive to the airport.

I'm off to Russia, where NO, I am not the Craig Ballantyne in charge of building Russian casinos.

Say what?

My thoughts exactly after someone asked me that on Facebook.

So I googled it.


I'm not as a dapper as that CB, but I am a lot younger.

Who knows...maybe Russia will still give me the star treatment. After all, when ol' OLD CB was handpicked by never know...

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip is a Note to self!
"Enjoy life. Treat it as an adventure. Care passionately about the outcome, but keep it in perspective. Things are seldom as bleak as they seem when they are going wrong – or as good as they seem when they are going well. Lighten up. You'll live longer." – Kekich Credo #55 …..

...Set limits on how much you are willing to work. Stick to those limits. Set limits on how much money you need. Stick to those limits. Breathe! Laugh! Love! Live!

… And with that advice, I'm off to Russia, Lithuania, Turkey, and England for the next 17 days for a holiday-business sandwich (Holiday in Russia – Business in Lithuania – Holiday in Turkey)

…I'll stay in touch with some photos of me doing TT exercises in strange locations. Stay tuned...and stay strong, push on, and live life well.

Alright, now to get ready for my overnight flight to Zurich and then a CASS-Free day of connecting onto Russia.

All finished off with a big dinner at Stroganoff Steakhouse in St. Petersburg.

Going vodka free in the USSR,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

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