Thursday, August 20, 2015

Dropping dead from jogging

Sad news. Just yesterday I read about a prominent Toronto lawyer and philanthropist that died of a heart attack while out jogging. He was 75 years old. That's too young these days.

Even worse, last month the big news from Britain was the death of an otherwise-healthy 31-year old man named Miles Frost who died while out for a jog.

Why are people dropping dead from cardio?

Well, according to scientists from America and Taiwan, research shows that too much jogging decreases your testosterone levels and hurts your immune system. If you do two to three hours of cardio a week then you are at greater risk of contagious diseases and illness.

This is PROOF that you do NOT need to exercise for hours and hours.

Dying from exercise is not the only downfall of too much cardio. Today while I was at the YMCA doing my short, burst exercises, I overheard a trainer saying that one of his clients just tore her ACL while running on a treadmill. The worst part was that she was on vacation in Hawaii! Don't let cardio shorten your life or ruin your holidays.

Instead, stick to short, burst workouts that boost your metabolism, burn fat, and give you the body that you want...while also giving you more FREE time in your life to spend with your loved ones, to dedicate to healthy eating and fresh food, and to sleep and recover!

Here's more real-world proof...the last couple days, I've been talking about my good friend Tyler's workout system he calls CT-50.

Since today is the last day of the sale, he sent me an email that I felt you should see...

"I wanted to email you real quick because I wanted to go above and beyond for anyone who was willing to try CT-50 this week. So, I'm adding 4 bonuses for anyone who grabs it before midnight tonight! Just wanted to let you know so you could tell your readers if you wanted :-)"

Here's what Tyler offered up...

The 5 Day Metabolism FIX - This is a 5 day system that shows you how to repair your damaged metabolism so you can start burning fat faster then you are genetically used to in only 5-days!

The CT-50 Progressive Warm-Up System - This is 5 different 7-minute warm up videos that take you from basic warm up exercises to advanced ones that will help you boost your flexibility, mobility and energy all while making you significantly less likely to get injured!

The (3 PHASE) Flat Belly Accelerator Diet And Fat Loss Tracker Journal - This is Tyler's personal diet system laid out over 3 different levels making it easy for you to find the right diet for you whether you are a total beginner or an advanced dieter with only the last 10lbs to lose.

The Power Isometrics Manual - This manual will show you some basic Power Isometric routines you can use to add significant strength and muscle tone to your body all without getting sore or effecting the results you are getting from your other workouts!

This means you can grab all 4 fast action bonuses above as a 100% free gift, if you take action and grab a discounted copy of CT-50 before midnight tonight! Here's the link to get in on this deal…

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Stay strong and keep pushing on,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS - Don't wait for life to come along and kick you in the butt…

…make today GREAT. Your life, your choice, your chance to change. You control your thoughts, actions, and behaviors. You control the outcome. Choose wisely.

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