Thursday, August 20, 2015

Arms Abs and Souvenirs

Uh-oh. It's been 48 hours since the 5x5 squats. The soreness seems to have peaked overnight, but I'm still stiff. Low back muscles (spinal erectors) are also a little sore.

That means I need to push my deadlift workout back a day to Saturday...or maybe even Sunday when the gym will be completely dead. We'll see. I have to get a full 3-week cycle in before I head out on my next trip to Nashville starting on September 1st.

On the bright side, I went for a nice 30-minute walk with the ol' pooch today, and we somehow managed to pull it off between bouts of driving rain. It stopped as soon as we started and started as soon as we stopped.

Thank goodness for small miracles.

After the walk I did a 20 minute yoga and mobility session to loosen up, and then did 4 rounds of this circuit to Pump *clap* me up.

1A) DB 1-Arm Curls
1B) Kneeling Plank-to-Triceps extension (done kneeling for more focus on the eccentric contraction for triceps and less focus on abs)
1C) Band Pull

By then I was hungry...

Today's weird little breakfast: Two Paleo bread sandwiches (thanks to with filling of coconut oil, almond butter, and cacao nibs...I even sprinkle some Paleo Protein powder on it (cacao flavor). Had that with green tea from this tea cup I brought back from Istanbul, Turkey. This was the first time in a long time where I actually bought souvenirs...the tea cup and this Russian Doll that I bought in St. Petersburg.

Only problem was that I made Green Tea instead of peppermint tea, so today will not be CASS-Free...but there will be no soda, artificial sweeteners or alcohol.

Turbulence Training's photo.
Turbulence Training's photo.

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
Why is anyone surprised by two women graduating from the Army Rangers? Have Cross-Fit and Ronda Rousey taught us nothing?

Never let "life" get in the way of progress on your #1 priority. Accept the sacrifices and just do it! Pay the price to earn the prize.

Don't wait for life to come along & kick you in the butt…make today GREAT. You control your thoughts, actions, and behaviors. Choose wisely.

Get choosing,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

PS - Focus.

Forget the past – except the lessons you learned from it. There's nothing you can do about it. It is the FUTURE where you must FOCUS.

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