Monday, April 27, 2015

Squats and Paleo Times in Texas

On Sunday morning I did a squat workout before heading to the Austin airport to get back to Denver.

I had forgotten how awesome of a city Austin, Texas is...great times here while at Paleo FX. I hung out with my buddy AJ a chance to meet the pioneer of Primal, Mark Sisson, and found some new sponsors for the in June...and had a great meeting with Jesse Cannone from

Also had an amazing hotel experience at the JW Marriott...biggest hotel gym ever...with a real squat rack, too.

Today's kickbutt mindset tip:
The only one that stops you is YOU. You are the one that gets your butt out of bed...or lies are the one that eats right...or puts the junk in your mouth...You are the one that holds in your dreams, squishing them into nothing...or you are the one that shares them with positive people and opens your world up to attracting opportunity. you. You. YOU! I know what you are capable of...I know you have won in the past...and I know you will win again...I know the obstacles in your way stand NO chance against YOU...because I know that you know what matters...and we know that you know you will never give up on going for it...You will stay strong...You will push on...Your time is now...this chance for CHANGE belongs to YOU.

Do not stop.

And don't miss this short burst workout, too:

No stopping you,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

PS - Some great TT Feedback...

"Thank you for your inspiration! I have lost 15 pounds since February!" – Daisy Joynt


"I am a swim coach and always looking for 'dryland' work we can do that doesn't require equipment or take much time. Your routines are fabulous! The swimmers are outstanding athletes and your routines bring them to their knees." – LeAnn Nana Johnson Carr


"I have been doing TT workouts for about 12-18 months now. I have had great results thus far losing 30+ lbs, dropping of 4" on my waistline, and making noticeable differences in the mirror/muscle definition. I am very pleased with the results and more importantly, I have the ultimate confidence in these programs, so thank you Craig!" – Ron Jack, TT Member


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