Saturday, April 11, 2015

Saturday Morning Sprints in South Beach Miami

On a sunny and humid Saturday morning in South Beach, I walked out to the edge of the Atlantic ocean a few minutes before 7am and sat down, cross-legged, for my morning meditation session. I take great pleasure in timing my meditation with the sunrise. There were dozens of other tourists out on the beach, many with cameras, trying to capture the memory in their own way. It was a magical moment.

Twenty minutes later, stress-free and relaxed, I ran 6 intervals on the beach (after a warm-up, of course). Then I did a long walk under the hot sun all the way down to the legendary Fontainebleau hotel (featured in the classic James Bond film, Goldfinger) and back to 5th Street before finally getting back to The Raleigh Hotel around 9am.

While I was on my walk I passed dozens of 'joggers' - or 'yoggers', as Ron Burgandy might say ;)

It seems there are two types of jogger-bodies. One is skinny and scrawny, and almost a little scary. The other is overweight and beat up, and those folks do more 'shuffling' than jogging. Neither body looked good compared to the beautiful bodies of the men and women doing pull-ups, pushups, and lunges at the outdoor bodyweight gym area at the corner of 8th and Collins. I think that tells us something VERY important!

Cardio sucks.

People often ask me how I got my million-dollar 6-pack abs that you see in my photos. It wasn't from boring cardio or back-breaking sit-ups or crunches. It wasn't from doing dumbbell side-bends (that's a surefire way to ADD inches to your waistline!). And it wasn't from using dangerous ab machines (those machines are scientifically proven to increase your risk of injury). So stop wasting your time on cardio and crunches.

What I did to get 6-pack abs was a combination of metabolic training, classic interval training, and total body ab exercises using just my bodyweight (but again, these are NOT ineffective crunches or situps).

Essentially I used - not surprisingly!

And so did my friend Sean. He transformed from 225 pounds of 'softness' to a nearly ripped 210 pounds. And this was the last guy I thought would ever change because he loves to eat and drink. But he "manned up" and did the work and changed his habits...I was really impressed. If he can do it, anyone can.

Tonight at 6pm he'll be walking down the aisle on the beach behind the Raleigh Hotel. He's getting married to my friend Alison, and it's going to be a great big party. I'm very proud of Sean, and very proud of you for all the action that both of you are taking to get better in every way.

Alright, time to enjoy the South Beach Scene.

Back next week with some heavy liftin'.

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
Personal growth and change are up to us. "If it is to be," the saying goes, "it's up to me." Our life. Our choices. Our challenges. Our decision. Make the right ones today!

Push on,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS - Harsh #truth...

People choose cardio because it is mentally EASY. Just hop on a machine and go slow and pray to the cardio confessional that the overestimated number of calories it says you are burning will help you lose weight.

But the harsh #truth is that cardio will not help at all.

"Running causes a flattening of your bottom," said fat loss expert, Hollie Grant in Saturday's issue of the British paper, The Telegraph, "and running just doesn't trigger fat loss at all. Don't expect it to change your body shape."

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