Saturday, November 15, 2014

Highs and lows of life

First day of testing...two victories. I had to bail on the max pushups. Will try those on Monday or Tuesday next week.

Lots of highs and lows to report today.

Success => It all starts with preparation and planning … to avoid wrong people/environments/habits and to connect with the right people/environments/habits.

Success is simple once you accept how difficult it is.

Today's workout for me:

5-minute bodyweight squat test = 217 reps (beat old record of 201)

Handstand pushup max - 6 reps (new record, beating my old record of 4)

Started on my "5,000 KB Swings Quest" to finish off 2014. Did 100 reps with 53lb kettlebell.

Tomorrow: Heavy Deadlift workout and pullup max rep test

Oh, and today's workout was followed by some bacon!

Now for some serious news...

A reader posted on Facebook...

Q: Craig, does anybody know how Dr. Kareem is doing since his near death experience and emergency surgery? He has a donation web site set up for him and his family as well. Since October 24 his med bills are way over the million dollar mark. He is a great person devoted family man and just like you a forefather in many facets of the fitness industry that truly cares about helping others. - Chris S.


For those that don't know, Kareem was inexplicably stricken with a near-fatal intestinal infection. He was literally hours from losing the battle...

Unfortunately, I do NOT know any of the details of the illness, but I received an email update from him yesterday.

Dr. Kareem is still on a LONG road to recovery. It will be months, perhaps even a year, before he'll be back to even near his old self. He cannot work at all. Fortunately, he built up a team before his illness.

Everyone is rallying around him, and he is one of the most positive people I know, so he has lots of support...

...that said, he got hit hard. He's down, but not out, and I will be sure to visit him early in the New Year. Right now he is fatigued and trying to get better. Thank you so much for asking.

On a related note... what Mikey wrote here...

This is timely and worth thinking about

Three of my legacies will be the TT Summit, the BlackSmith Liberty and Entrepreneurship camp, and the Info Summit.

Here are a couple of photos from last week's Info Summit...on-stage, fired up(!), and then at the VIP reception with many of my friends that I have met at the BlackSmith Liberty and Entrepreneurship camp. My old suit is holding up's now 6 years old! It's still got it. (From L-R: Jay Massey, Julian, Deven, Ben, ol' CB, and Gary)

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
You need to know your nutrition obstacles. Write them all down and then write down at least 2 solutions for each obstacle. This will help you avoid nutrition breakdowns. Plan ahead. Do your shopping and cooking and meal prep on the weekends, so that during your busy week you have your meals ready…and you avoid vending-machine regret.

Plan, shop, and prepare for success today.

Push on and remember what matters,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

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