Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New TT Meatheads Off-Season Workout

Despite training for two Tough Mudders and filming 40 hours of
brutal bodyweight exercise videos (coming soon), I managed to
build my squat strength back up to 310 pounds for reps (yesterday).

That despite my low bodyweight of only 170 pounds (thanks, Tough
Mudder training - sarcasm) and even though I'm almost 40 years old
(wow, does that mean I have to start acting like a grown-up now?).

These results have me so excited that I put my latest workout into
the new TT Meatheads: Off-Season workout for you.
You'll learn the benefits of squatting TWICE in the same workout,
plus the cool new Press-Row supersets, the Dead-Stop Barbell Row,
the Front Squat-Conditioning move superset, and more.
And you will get this program as a bonus when you grab Vince
Del Monte and Ben Pakulski's new Hypertrophy-Max program.

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Once you get started with Ben and Vince, just email us at and we'll send TWO bonuses:

1) The New TT Meatheads: Off-Season program - perfect for building
strength in squats, presses, and deadlifts --- and the best way to
take advantage of all the amazing holiday eating you will do over
the next 8 weeks until the final whistle blows on SuperBowl Sunday

2) Anabolic Finishers from Certified Turbulence Trainer, Mikey
You know Mike and love his programs, and this is a new
twist on his proven methods. You'll gain muscle fast with fun
finishers you can add to your short muscle building sessions.

In the new TT Meatheads Off-Season program, you'll discover how to
build chiseled muscle and lose belly fat at the same time with this
unique program. In fact, one of my favorite supersets, the Snatch
Grip Deadlift and Bodysaw in Workout C alone will take care of that.

I will also reveal how to use the classic meathead exercise,
Barbell 21's in a TT program, along with some other Meathead gems
like the Incline Hammer Curl and the ab-shredding Spiderman
Pull-ups (tough challenge and SMOKES your lats).

My other favorite supersets are round 2 in the Big Legs workout
(exercise 2A for your quads is one of my personal love-hate
relationships with training).

And you'll have an incredible upper body muscle pump by the end of
round 3 of Workout B...and then you'll still have one of the most
insane Meathead Arms supersets left to finish you off.

Finally, save up your best curse-word insults to throw at me when
you hit exercise 3A of Workout C. You've never worked your upper
back this exact way before. Good times!

But the only way to get the new TT Meatheads: Off-Season is to get
it as a bonus when you get Hypertrophy-Max from Ben and Vince.

Get NEW muscle-building workouts from Ben, Vince, and Craig here

Once you get started with Ben and Vince, just email us at and we'll send you TT Meatheads:

Just think of this Meatheads workout as a Naughty-and-Nice Christmas
gift from ol' CB.

After all, we might as well use the extra calories this time of
year to build muscle..."off-season" muscle.

Train with passion and intensity,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS - Today ONLY you will also get...

...Ben's 21-Day Muscle Primer System.

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You can be noticeably bigger and more muscular by New Year's Day.
After all, you're going to eat big on Christmas Day, so why not ENJOY
it and get maximum benefits by "Putting the foodz in the musclez" as 
my friend Bedros Keuilian likes to say.
Make it a Merry Meathead Christmas with this new Off-Season program.

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