Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Toronto Trip

Yesterday was an off day on the farm. Actually, I jogged to the corner store because I was in a hurry. I don't count it as exercise. I count it as being efficient. Haha.

Today I traveled to the big city of Toronto, did a lot of walking, and regained my "Meathead card" (that was rescinded for yesterdays' "cardio").

Bench Press (205x3x5)
Bodyweight Row

Board Press

Good times.

Tomorrow is a big filming day.

Then Thursday back to the gym for squats.

Also had a killer greens smoothie from Impact Kitchen in Toronto.

So many beards and hipsters and girls in "joggers" in there.

Epicly hilarious.

I don't know how those young girls afford that place...it's pricey.

Fortunately I've sold a lot of books! Lol.

PS - Speaking of books, my new book, Unstoppable, comes out on January 21st!

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