Sunday, May 12, 2019

California Love in the Gym

Hello from Chino Hills in the Inland Empire buried in Southern California. It's the home of Fit Body Boot Camp and Bedros Keuilian, and his gym BK Strength.

Before I arrived in Cali, I had one more great workout in Toronto Town on Friday morning.

1a) Pushups
1b) Upper Back Mobility

2a) Bench Press
2b) Inverted Row with Rings

3a) Pullup
3b) Incline 1-Arm DB Press

Oh yeah, and my poor lil doggy got bit at the dog park, and she had to get stitches!

Saturday was an off day with lots of walking around...

And then on Sunday it was off to LA... landed, grabbed a cab to Chino Hills, did some grocery shopping, and then got fired up for this workout at BK Strength:

1a) KB Swing
1b) X-Band Walk

2a) Deadlift
2b) Mobility

3a) Leg Curl
3b) Mobility

Good times. I was gassed.

Tomorrow it's back to BK with BK for an upper body session and then lots of Empire Filming.

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