Thursday, September 14, 2017

High Performance Coaching and Pressing

Today is a big deadlift day, but I managed to sneak in a good pressing session on Thursday.

1A) DB Press - worked up to 80x12
1B) Band Pull

2) Intervals

Today we deadlift!

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:

A long coaching session for you today! Here's another Sneak Peak at a QnA with a workshop client.

They've been going through some tough days and admitted that it's causing their night time routine to be "off." As a result, the next morning is also off... causing a vicious cycle of overwhelm and anxiety.

Here was my reply to them... It was sent from a place of LOVE to a friend, client, and someone who I know has yet to reach their full potential... and can... but first must stop putting on the brakes and holding themselves back (as I once did).

Hey ___,

This is NOT what an Empire builder or High Performer does:

=> "Crash on the couch, watch TV and not think about anything until I start to fall asleep."

I know you're a football (and a Bronco's) fan, so think back to Peyton Manning in November of 2015. He was almost 40, being called washed-up, and then he tears his plantar fascia.

Everyone said it was over.

And he could have rode off into the sunset.

He was rich, a legend, and ha Superbowl champion.

He could have went home, crashed on the couch, and started humming the Nationwide jingle until he fell asleep on the couch watching SportCenter.

But he didn't.

He spent more time in the recovery room than any other athlete. He marched back to the game, literally and figuratively, and he won another Superbowl and retired a 2-time champion.

You see, high Performers do not quit or take the easy way out.

When times are tough, we Man-Up and make the right decision for our right life.

As my favorite philosopher Billy Madison once said about wanting to quit on something important, "You get your ass out there and you find that f'g dog."

And so you use every minute you have to mentally recover and strengthen yourself. TV doesn't fill you up, it drains you even more. Instead, open your Bible or favorite book and seek lessons that apply to the day. This fills your well, and brings you back fighting the next day stronger and better than ever before.

Re-frame your mindset about the evening routine. It's a time for you to be grateful and recharge.

It's like your post-workout shake after the Mother of All Squat workouts.

Tough to get down in an uncomfortable state, but something you'd never go without.

I believe in you.

Now get after it,


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