Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Garage Gyms and Greatness

Today was a high volume garage gym workout. Fun times.

1A) Double KB Front Squat 6x10 with 53lbs kbs
1B) KB Swings 5x20 with 70lbs

2) Walking Lunges in backyard with 53lbs kbs

And today's kickbutt mindset tip was inspired by one of my favorite motivational speakers (after Matt Foley, of course)

Recipe for Greatness: A touch of madness to get started on the unknown. A dose of naïveté to persevere against all odds. And a great deal of faith to forge forward to the finish. #greatness

YOU have ALL of this.

Greatness requires you to go through tough times. Greatness requires the strength to never accept the unacceptable.

Greatness does not come easy. Embrace the struggle.

It is only through discomfort that we grow great.

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