Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Miami and Meathead Workouts Update

Monday was an interesting day. It was CASS-Free, but dang was I tired. I had two naps, catching up on sleep from last week, I guess. There was no workout, just stretching and walking around the nice little town of Delray beach. Good times!

I had an early dinner and then met up with my mentor, Mark Ford. Mark likes an afterwork cocktail and cigar, and he had a well stocked liquor cabinet and some snacks out...but I stuck to my plan and just had water. I'm on a streak of no alcohol in 2016, and didn't want to break it last night.

Sunday was a heavy deadlift workout in Miami, my favorite city in the USA! And this might be my new favorite superset (deadlift + bench)

1A) Hang Clean
1B) Upper body warm-up

2A) Deadlift
2B) Bench Press

3) DB Reverse Lunge

Monday Off ... just some stretching and muscle soreness recovery and walking a couple of miles around Delray Beach, Florida.

Tuesday Upper Body Workout

1A) Decline Pause Pushup - 29, new personal best
1B) Pulldown (stuck in a hotel gym, no chinup bar)

2A) DB 1-Arm Standing Shoulder Press

3) Meathead arms, baby!

Today's workout included a new personal best...29 "pause" decline pushups (which I'm sure Missi Holt can beat, but whatever, I'm used to her beating my records by now!).

It goes like this: feet elevated on bench, 1 second down, 1 second pause at bottom, 1 second up, 1 second pause at top. I've done 40 in the regular pushup position, but this version is harder. Workout was followed with a final walk around cloudy Delray Beach. Off to the airport now...will check in from 30,000 feet if there's wifi.

And here's a picture of my mentor, Mark Ford, opening his copy of The Perfect Day Formula last night in Delray Beach. One of Mark's biggest lessons to me was "Go to bed and get up at the same time, 7 days per week." It's the best energy booster tip I've ever been given. It makes a huge difference in your alertness at work on Monday mornings...and during the week when you might otherwise have energy slumps. Take his advice...and you'll have Perfect Days.

Interesting nutrition article today...explains why coffee is good for some and terrible for me. And it echoes Missi Holt's philosophy about not labeling "good foods, bad foods". Enjoy:
- http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2016/01/11/a-personalized-diet-better-suited-to-you/

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
More Structure = More Freedom. The freedom you so desperately seek in life comes only from having more structure in your days. Get up 15 minutes earlier tomorrow to work on your #1 priority in life. You won’t regret it...it will allow you to plan for the obstacles in your way and to visualize success...these are two important factors in identifying what really matters so that you can focus your time and energy here.

Stay strong,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

PS - A message from Missi Holt...

Press pause for a moment...

Marvel at all your body does for you day in and day out. Appreciate its complexity. Appreciate its resilience. Appreciate the fact that YOU are alive.

Find Gratitude for food, nourishment, satisfaction, pleasure. YOU are capable of feeding it the raw materials it will use to make you healthier, stronger, faster, smarter, happier, and sleep better, while being both more energized and more at ease.

You have that power! You have the power to enjoy every experience just the way its unfolding.

Say this out loud right now:

"I am Now making Amazing Progress toward all of my goals."

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