Friday, November 06, 2015

California Training and Teaching

Did not sleep a lot last night. Still on East Coast time but on the West Coast. I'll catch up on Saturday night.

Today I needed some pre-training caffeine, even though this is a deload week. Did a tough lower body workout in the decent hotel gym. Had a little mini-challenge Personal Best of 1:46 in the Wall Squat Hold. Danced the Turbie after that one. Ha.

Rest of workout went like this:

1A) Double KB Front Squat - 3x15
1B) KB Swing - 3x20
1C) TRX Abs

2A) DB Walking Lunge
2B) Cable Abs

Good times. Well fueled, as you'll see.

Last night was a big dinner out at Maestro's steakhouse in Costa Mesa, CA, one of my favorites. Started with jumbo shrimp and crab claws, then some steak, baked potato, and spinach. Too much food, but all good, REAL food.

Dinner last night with the Keuilian family. Now off to work with the Keuilian family at our big seminar in California. Great times!

On the beverage side, I've stuck to boxed water, Zevia, and Peppermint tea.

Everything's on track.

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
To the average person Friday means "coasting". To you it means getting tons done, helping a lot people, & adding value to the world. Lets go. And if did something silly last night, forget about it. I did and I’m OVER it. Past is past. Can't be changed. Apologize if needed. Learn your lesson. Move on. Do better today!

Time to get going,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

PS - Be happy & content at this very moment. Have gratitude for the small things in life. No complaining. Just appreciate how lucky you are.

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